icloud Adds Mobile Access

icloud, a “web operating system” with a growing selection of apps that can be included in a customizable virtual workspace, is now offering mobile apps for iOS and Android that include access to files, document viewing, and uploading of photos, along with an updated mobile website.

Google’s Big Problem: It Ain’t What You Think

Google is taking it on the chin, thanks to reported delays with Google TV software. While clearly an issue, it’s part of a much larger problem for the company as it diversifies from its search and advertising core businesses to more consumer-centric applications.

Groupon’s Rise and eBay’s Decline

On the surface, the fast-growing daily deal site Groupon and eBay have little in common, but, according to CapLinked CEO Eric Jackson, the economic factors contributing to Groupon’s growth would be doing the same for eBay, had eBay not made a long series of strategic blunders.

News Alert: Big Growth for Internet Ads Through 2014

eMarketer, a New York-based research firm estimates spending on U.S. internet advertisements, will grow 13.9 percent to $25.8 billion for the full year. It expects a 10.5 percent increase in U.S. online ad spending in 2011, followed by double-digit growth every year through 2014.

Flock’s Newest Social Browser Launches, Finally Supports Mac

Flock, the Menlo Park, Calif-based company, today released a new version of its social networking oriented browser, Flock 3.5 for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It’s a worthy competitor to other Chromium-based browser rivals, such as recently launched RockMelt and Google’s Chrome.

No Hiccups. Online Shopping Off To A Good Start

By most estimates, 2010 will be a record year for online sales during the all-important months of November and December (collectively known as the holiday season.) And so far things on Black Friday are going smoothly without any glitches, a good sign for the sector.

Internet Oldies Go Shopping

This morning three old school web companies announced that they have been shopping. The recent wave of M&A shows that it is these old school web companies who are looking at current boom in tech stocks as a way to bolster their businesses.

Behold RockMelt, Browser for the Social Set

RockMelt, a Mountain View, Calif.-based start-up with backing from the likes of Marc Andreessen, has made a new socially-aware, media-consumption-centric browser that’s available in beta soon. The company says its browser is optimized for the modern web and focuses on making sharing easy.

Nice Move, Google — What Took You So Long?

In a clear shot at Facebook’s walled garden, Google has changed the terms of its contacts API – which developers use to pull information from Google services – so that anyone using it has to provide the same access. The question is, what took so long?