LG, MSFT Team Up for Free Windows Phone 7 Apps

LG is teaming up with Microsoft to help kick-start Windows Phone 7 through a promotion that will provide 10 free apps every 60 days. The promotion is a move to help push the newly released WP7 in a crowded smartphone market currently dominated by Android.

HTC Targets 8.5M Smartphones Next Quarter

Taiwan-based HTC is looking to entrench its position as a top smartphone maker next quarter, and is predicting it will ship 8.5 million handsets in the fourth quarter. HTC was the first OEM to jump onto the Android train, a strategy repeated with Windows Phone 7.

What the Web Is Saying About Windows Phone 7

Early reviews of the new smartphone platform from Microsoft are appearing on the web, and are restrained in the expectations. Windows Phone 7 shows potential yet is an obvious work in progress; the novel user interface is inconsistent. Here’s what the web is saying about WP7.

LG CEO Resigns Over Poor Smartphone Performance

The CEO of South Korean consumer electronics giant LG resigned today to take responsibility for the company’s poor performance in the smartphone space. Yong Nam will be replaced by the head of LG International. LG reported a loss of $103 million in the latest quarter.

Verizon Takes “No Rush” Attitude With Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is readying for the fall appearance of Windows Phone 7 handsets, but Verizon won’t have its name on any of them. Big Red will not be launching a Windows Phone 7 handset this year, but stated today it will “probably release a phone in 2011”.

Hotmail Users to Get Native Mobile Phone Syncing

Microsoft will enable Exchange Active Sync (EAS) connections for mobile phones on Aug. 30. Active Sync support has been available on many mobile phone platforms for some time, but this will be the first time native Hotmail support comes to Microsoft’s own Windows Mobile platform.

Why Microsoft’s Mobile Gaming Strategy Is a Mistake

The hype surrounding Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 is due largely to the platform’s tight integration with Xbox Live and its focus on gaming. But Microsoft could further alienate its dwindling base of enterprise users in pursuit of this niche market of unknown gamers.

Windows Phone 7: Take Your Games on the Go

Microsoft is getting Windows Phone 7 ready for release for the holiday season, and is making good on promises to bring Xbox Live integration to the smartphone platform. Xbox Live players will find quite a few games on Windows Phone 7 at launch, including popular titles.

Will the Kin Hurt Windows Phone 7?

Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of its new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7. The appearance of WP7 to the failed Kin OS is similar, so there is a concern the recent failure will have a negative impact on the new platform launching soon.

Windows Embedded Compact 7: CE Made Pretty?

Microsoft is at the Computex show in Taipei this week touting the new embedded OS it’s producing for handheld computers. Windows Embedded Compact 7 is being shown running on prototype tablets with a flashy user interface and full multitouch support. So what is this new OS?