T-Mobile HD2 Customers: Update Available, Wipes Games and Movies

Owners of smartphones get excited when word arrives the phone’s software has a new update available. It’s always a good thing to get the latest software for the smartphone. Nothing can damper that good feeling; except having to repurchase software that the update wipes out.

Microsoft: the Kin and Windows Phone 7 Will Merge

When Microsoft and Verizon announced the new Kin phones, critics jumped on the plan pricing required for them. Not able to download apps, the Kin phones are not full smartphones, but Microsoft says that ability is on the way, as is merging with Windows Phone 7.

Office Mobile 2010 Released as Free Upgrade

Microsoft has released an upgrade to Office Mobile 2010 in conjunction with the release of Office 2010. Office Mobile 2010 has been available for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices in beta since last year. This new version is free and is available in the Windows Marketplace.

Bing for Windows Mobile Gains Spoken Turn-By-Turn Directions

Windows Phone 7 is due out by the holiday season, but Microsoft (s msft) isn’t allowing Windows Mobile 6.x to wither away like a raisin in the sun. Today, the Bing team announced new turn-by-turn directions from Microsoft’s Tellme unit, but only on three U.S. carriers.

HTC Licenses Microsoft Patents for Android

Microsoft has inked a licensing agreement with HTC for its mobile phone patents that gives HTC access to “broad coverage” under Redmond’s portfolio. It comes in the shadow of Apple suing HTC for patent infringement, a move widely believed to be aimed at Google and Android.

Dell Getting Busy in the Mobile Space

In a week when all eyes were on a phone found in a bar, Dell has been leaking information about its mobile roadmap. The company is committed to the Android platform, but not exclusively as the Lightning with Windows Phone 7 demonstrates. We’re watching, Dell.

Thoughts on the Microsoft Kins

Microsoft has at long last outed Project Pink, and the result is the Kin One and Kin Two. The phones are almost smartphones but in a more limited role, and the company is aiming them squarely at social networking savvy teens and young adults

Top 5 Superphones to Watch

There are smartphones and there are superphones, and the latter is heating up to a boil.The release of cool new phones often slows down to a trickle, but this year it’s becoming more of a firehose. Here are the 5 best superphones to watch.

Mozilla Is Running Out of Mobile Options for Firefox

Mozilla is ceasing all work on Firefox for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 devices, as Microsoft doesn’t offer an NDK. That doesn’t leave many mobile platform choices for the Mozilla team. What does this say about open source in the mobile marketplace?