Should Web Workers Prefer Books to E-Books?

A new study has found that 75 percent of college students prefer print textbooks over electronic versions. For researchers and web workers alike, printed books still provide significant advantages that go far beyond “new book smell” or intelligent margin notes made by a previous owner.

Reports: Technology Job Outlook Improving

Three new reports suggest that opportunities for technology jobs are outpacing the wider job market. Postings for information technology positions grew by 82 percent over December 2009, and the position of software engineer has been named “the nation’s best job.” Other technology-related jobs also rated highly.

It’s Okay to Work at the Kitchen Table

I used to agree with the common recommendation that lines should be clearly drawn between one’s business and personal space. But my life as an entrepreneur is very different than those with “regular jobs.” I like the blurred lines between home life and work life.

Co-working Options Showed Major Expansion in 2010

The number of co-working spaces has continued to grow in popularity during the last year. According to a recent report, the number of co-working facilities almost doubled in 2010, and there are now over 650 such locations worldwide, according to a study by Deskwanted.

Top Remote Work Trends to Watch for in 2011

Driven by improvements in technology, particularly an explosion in the availability in mobile technology, and increased access to broadband, the world of work is changing rapidly. In my latest post for GigaOM Pro, I outline the trends in remote work to watch out for in 2011.

Is It Time to Change Your Collaboration Tools?

You can see it coming: a time when you’re going to have to change the collaboration tools your team uses for something bigger and more robust. When can you minimize the time you spend transitioning, so your team gets the most work done during the process?

Managing a Multi-Generational Virtual Team

When your team starts working virtually, people of different generations are going to adjust to the situation better, and perhaps faster, than others. Here are some technology and management considerations to take into account when planning a multi-generational virtual team. Reports Surge in Demand for Mobile Developers today released its Freelancer 50 report, looking at the growth of various job categories on its marketplace in the third quarter. The findings should prove particularly encouraging for mobile developers, with the report showing the growth in the “Mobile Phone” category at a staggering 145 percent.

Alpine Access: Insights from 12 Years of Managing Remote Workers

In 1998, virtual call center staffing company Alpine Access opened its doors — all of its staff work from home. In this interview, Alpine Access co-founder and current managing partner Jim Ball shares some insights from the company’s twelve years’ experience of working with a distributed workforce.

What We Learned at Net:Work — It’s About People

Yesterday, we held our inaugural Net:Work conference at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. While we discussed technology at length, what it really all boiled down to was people: how we can better connect, communicate and collaborate with each other.