The New World of Enterprise Collaboration

The convergence of cloud computing, more empowered employees and on-demand infrastructure is driving adoption of technologies — from workspaces like, Huddle and Cetnral Desktop to customer-powered support communities like Get Satisfaction — that foster high-impact collaboration and with that, innovation.

Does Crowdsourcing Commoditize Freelance Expertise?

As crowdsourcing goes mainstream, there’s a heated debate going on about whether the practice commoditizes expertise. Having built an expert crowdsourcing site for the past year, I’m convinced these services don’t have to commoditize expertise. Quite the opposite, I think they can give it direct value.

Coworking: How Much Does It Cost?

How much does it cost to rent a desk at a coworking space? Deskwanted, a online marketplace that connects “desk hunters” with coworking spaces, has carried out a global study to determine average coworking costs in the U.S., the UK and Europe.

How Web-Based Tools Level the Enterprise Playing Field

While communication tools like Skype have succeeded in mobilizing an entire generation of workers, collaboration tools are now driving change within businesses. The enterprise is no longer dictated to by legacy technology, but shaped by collaboration tools that let groups form naturally and enable participation.

Free GigaOM Pro Webinar: The Simple Enterprise

Rapid innovation in the consumer and mobile space has led the way for many technologies — from mobile devices to self-serve cloud-based software and services — that are now considered indispensable by many of today’s information workers. Join GigaOM Pro for a free webinar that examines this shift.

Jason Fried: Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work

37signals co-founder Jason Fried recently published REWORK, a collection of essays on topics as diverse as progress, productivity, culture, evolution and hiring in modern business. Last month, Fried spoke at TEDxMidwest in Chicago, exploring some of the themes of REWORK in an intriguing fifteen minute talk:

How to Make People Management Software More Human?

Online performance review tools are designed to make the oft-dreaded review process more “efficient” but often have a dehumanizing effect. It doesn’t have to be this way. A new type of people management software can free us from these bonds. Here’s what it looks like:

Flexi Spaces and Coworking: What Might the Campus of the Future Look Like?

One of the panels I’m most looking forward to moderating at Net:Work next month is “Flexi Spaces and Coworking, What Works in the World of Work?” We’ll bring together some workspace experts to discuss how to build places that encourage inspiration, innovation and collaboration.

The Future of Email: Facebook’s Social Inbox?

Last week, Facebook launched its Social Inbox feature. The unified messaging system pipes the online and mobile communication functions people use into a single inbox. Having just one place to communicate with everyone seems like a good idea, but is Social Inbox the future of email?