Infiniband consolidation begins

Infiniband, despite all its promise has failed to live up to the hype. It has the support of some key backers like Dell Computer and Sun Microsystems but it is slow going for the new technology which in my opinion stands to revolutionize the datacenter and computing architecture.

It comes as no surprise that the consolidation in the Infiniband sector is beginning. This morning Auston-based Lane 15 Software and Westborough, MA-based Infiniswitch decided to merge. I think it is a good thing as both companies are best of breed in their individual categories. Lane 15 has the best management software while InfiniSwitch makes top notch switches. The merged company will operate under the name InfiniSwitch. According to a press release, as part of the merger, InfiniSwitch announced the completion of an additional round of venture financing.

According to Austin American Statesman, Initially Lane15 CEO Alisa Nessler was penciled in for the No. 2 job at the combined company. “Then in the final days before the deal was signed, the company’s board changed its mind. Board members liked Nessler’s software and marketing savvy, and decided she was a better fit for the top spot at the combined company,” Lane 15’s hometown paper reports. Infiniswitch’s head Don Zereski got the pink slip.

Current venture investors include: Austin Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, Columbia Capital, Convergent Ventures, Flagship Ventures, Index Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Moore Capital Management, and TL Ventures. Strategic investors include: Dell, HP-Compaq, Intel and Quanta Computer. Alisa Nessler, CEO and president of Lane15, was named CEO of the company and joins the Board of Directors. Rob Adams, of Austin Ventures, and Bernard Dalle, of Index Ventures, were elected new members to the Board of Directors.

Infiniband recently got a boost recently from Sanmina. According to Byte & Switch, “According to an industry insider familiar with the InfiniBand market, who requested anonymity, Sanmina is poised to be a major provider in the IB space. “It’s a good bet that Sanmina’s announcement foreshadows the true beginning of InfiniBand adoption among Tier 1 OEMs.”

Panjabi MC rules the British Airwaves

From Electric Six may have registered the first memorable single of 2003 but their tenure will be short lived. With the current popularity of all things Bollywood, it’s surprising that it’s taken until now for this to filter through into the charts but Panjabi MC’s Knightrider sampling single was worth the wait. In the review of the single (rated 8/10) James Poletti writes, “Timbaland you’ve been rumbled! If only we’d paid more attention when this record first came out… If you haven’t heard this track in a bar, club or party over recent weeks then you certainly would have done upon its original release some years back.” Click here to read the complete review.

Another (magazine) bites the dust

Hosting tech, a hosting industry publication has ceased publication. Just got an email from the editor. “As you may be aware, as of January 10, 2002, management of HostingTech has decided to cease further publication of the magazine. The current advertising contraction within the service provider industries makes it difficult to continue operation. That being said, we are proud of the HostingTech’s achievements since its launch in 2000, including the publication of 26 monthly editions; acquiring more than 25,000 subscribers; winning three Apex magazine industry awards; building a strong team; and, of course, working with such a capable group of contributing writers.” Sad to see such a good magazine go out of business. I wrote a few pieces for the magazine.

Rich and the Infamous Broadbandits

Light Reading :: There is nothing more delightful to read Light Reading especially their annual Fat Cats survey. Thinks of this as the list of rich and infamous and no one does it better than Light Reading. While there are some doozies in this year’s list of telecom’s greediest; but there are a few surprises especially given the current downturn in the telecom marketplace. John Roth of Nortel Networks; Dan DiLeo of Agere Systems; Joe Nacchio of Qwest and of course our old pal, Jack Grubman ? they are all on this year’s list. Michael Capellas at WorldCom and Patricia Russo at Lucent are some of the new additions.

Christmas gifts for crooks; CEOs

From Red :: what Santa brought :: Scott Sullivan, former CFO of WorldCom -an AT&T calling card to call home from prison. Dennis Kozlowski, former CEO of Tyco International, a limited edition Leavenworth shower curtains. Henry Blodget, former Merrill Lynch analyst, a free Hotmail account to keep his emails private. Jack Grubman, former Salomon Smith Barney analyst, a stay-at-home tutor for his kids. Martha Stewart, a calculator, so she can always be able to compare the few thousand bucks she made selling shares of ImClone and the millions of dollars that has cost her in the value of her own stock. Jack Welch, a subscription to the Harvard Business Review. Gary Winnick and Joe Nacchio, we give gifts that we presume they will sell to each other. And then they will buy their original gifts back, for the same amount, yet somehow book a profit on the whole transaction anyway. Steve Case, chairman of AOL, an elegant way of explaining to angry former Time Warner shareholders that he’s not the idiot who sold their company to America Online at the top of the bubble. He’s the one who bought it. Senator Trent Lott, a copy of Toby Young’s How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Or has he read it already?.