Make Lion’s Mission Control behave more like Spaces

When Lion first came out, transitioning from Spaces to Mission Control was a big change for me. If you’re looking to take some control back from Mission Control in order to make things feel a little more like how they were before, here are some tips.

Mac OS X Lion installation stats bode well for digital distribution

Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, is doing well in its early days, nearing OS X 10.5 Leopard in popularity according to new OS market share numbers. Lion’s success could be a sign that computer consumers are read for more digital distribution.

Lion 101: How to know more about your Mac

New Mac owners don’t often know things about their computers that might prove otherwise helpful, like exactly which model they have. Luckily, OS X Lion organizes system info in a better way than its predecessor. Plus, there are two other great free tools that help, too.

Lion 101: New Screen Sharing features explained

OS X Lion brings multiple improvements to one of OS X’s most useful and least celebrated built-in elements: screen sharing. Experienced Screen Sharing users may have missed some new features, and if you’ve never tried it, these additions might encourage you to do so.

7 Lion annoyances and how to fix them

With every OS upgrade, there’s always some new annoyances that pop up, and since Lion is such a big update to OS X, it stands to reason that it has more annoyances than usual. Here’s how to remedy seven of them quickly and easily.

5 things I love about Lion

Mac OS X Lion is not without its problems, but there’s also a lot to love about the big cat. My top five favorite things about Lion include some revolutionary shifts, along with a few relatively small changes that make a big difference.

5 things I don’t like about Lion

Mac OS X Lion has been around long enough to bring to light some quirks that aren’t exactly endearing. None are deal-breakers, so I won’t be going back to Snow Leopard, but here are five things I really wish were different about OS X 10.7.

Lion 101: How to use AirDrop (and alternatives in case you can’t)

It’s easier to explain what AirDrop is by first explaining what it isn’t. It’s not Dropbox, with which it is often compared. It is not a replacement for file sharing services across the Internet. It’s more like a close range transporter (Star Trek-style) for files.

11.6-inch MacBook Air review: Petite powerhouse

With its latest update the MacBook Air inches ever closer to its high-powered siblings in the Pro line of Apple notebooks. But how does it stand up as a replacement for the MacBook Pro, and how does it compare to its predecessors? Here’s what we found.

Get around more easily in Lion with keyboard shortcuts

With all the focus on OS X Lion’s new multitouch gestures, the keyboard is getting a little left out. Here are three tips to help navigate around Lion more quickly using the keyboard instead of the mouse (or trackpad).