1Password update for iOS adds better syncing, browsing

With its latest release of 1Password, AgileBits has taken user feedback to heart and really enhanced an already great product: a total overhaul of the look and feel and user interface makes it much easier to use.

LastPass Possibly Hacked, Users Forced to Change Master Passwords

LastPass, a password management app, could have been hacked, with user data — including email addresses, salted passwords and the server salt — potentially compromised, according to a post on the company’s blog. As a precaution, the company is forcing its users to change their master passwords.

Have Laptop, Will Travel

It won’t be possible for me to disconnect entirely; I’ll need to be on call, and to have access to my work. But I want to carry as little as possible, and make the transition from the office to the train as painless as I can.

8 Firefox Add-ons I Can’t Do Without

When I upgraded from Firefox 3.5.7 to 3.6 the other day, I discovered that a few of the add-ons that weren’t yet compatible were important to me. In fact, they had become such an integral part of my daily workflow that I was significantly slowed down without them. In this post I’m going to share the add-ons that I find it hard to be without.

Orggit: Your Firesafe in the Cloud

We all know that we should safeguard our critical data and documents in case of a disaster. Yet way too few of us follow the best practices of having these items backed up and kept in multiple locations. As a Florida resident conscious of the threat of hurricanes and wildfires, I know I should be better at doing this. But I hadn’t found a really good way to do so until I was given the chance to try out Orggit.

Some Monsanto executives learned the value of safeguarding their data the hard way when they couldn’t access key information they needed during the chaos after 9/11. So in 2003 they founded Morgan Street Document Services to help individuals and businesses protect their important documents from disasters. Orggit was launched recently to bring this service to a wider consumer audience through a user-friendly interface. Read More about Orggit: Your Firesafe in the Cloud

Must-have iPhone and iPod Touch Apps For Newbies

It’s WebWorkerDaily’s fault that I’ve bought an iPod touch (s aapl). (That’s my excuse, anyway.) As I looked at potential subjects to write about, I kept seeing cool apps, and I need to be able to test them, right?

But why not buy an iPhone, or a Palm Pre, which I’d had my eye on for several months? The Pre seems to be a good phone, but it doesn’t yet have the apps that the iPhone does. And the monthly fees for Pre service are considerably higher than what I’m paying now. The iPhone’s monthly fees are even higher, and many folks I’ve talked to don’t find it to be a very good phone.

So, keeping my current phone and buying an iPod touch seemed like a good compromise. I can get good Wi-Fi coverage in most areas where I live, so I’ll be able to go online, even without the phone function.

Many of my WWD colleagues already have iPhones. Aliza has recently written about good apps for web workers. Dawn’s shared her favorites, too. But with the holidays coming up, here are some of my ideas for apps to put on that brand-new iPhone or iPod touch: Read More about Must-have iPhone and iPod Touch Apps For Newbies