T-Mobile’s Newest MyTouch Gains Video Calls, Android 2.2

T-Mobile is releasing new phones in waves: just as the new G2 is appearing in stores, the carrier announced an updated myTouch running Android 2.2. This new model uses a second-generation CPU and also offers video calling on either Wi-Fi or T-Mobile’s speedy mobile broadband network.

Meet the G2, a Zippy Phone for T-Mo’s Fast Network

T-Mobile today officially unveiled the G2, the first smartphone to take advantage of the carrier’s 21 Mbps mobile broadband network. With a powerful new CPU, Android 2.2 and access to T-Mobile’s speedy HSPA+ network, the G2 is a glimpse at the next generation of super phones.

3 Features To Expect In the New HSPA+ T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile continues to tease us with the first handset that can take full advantage of the carrier’s 21 Mbps mobile broadband network, today introducing the G2 handset. Although no official details of the G2 are available, these three features are likely part of the HSPA+ handset.

T-Mobile Preps Network For First HSPA+ Handset

T-Mobile today added faster HSPA+ mobile broadband coverage to 16 markets, raising availability of the 4G-like speeds to nearly 50 areas of the U.S. The carrier also released an updated USB data stick, but the real excitement arrives with the first HSPA+ handset later this summer.

Will T-Mobile’s Bet on 3.5G Pay Off?

T-Mobile has quietly leapfrogged competitors with the 21 Mbps HSPA+ network upgrade with completion expected by end of year. An HSPA+ handset or two could speed up customer migration further, but faster speeds bring greater data demand. Will T-Mobile respond with tiered pricing or another option?

Japan Getting Blazing Fast 42 Mbps Wireless Network

Ericsson today said it will power EMOBILE’s 42 Mbps dual cell HSPA network in Japan, expected to launch in major cities before year-end. The upgraded network will be Japan’s first use of dual cell HSPA, or DC-HSPA, which pairs channels together for faster wireless speeds.

T-Mobile Loses Customers, Hopes Its 3.5G Bet Pays Off

T-Mobile’s first-quarter financial results show that the carrier is slowly losing customers, but that’s not the focus of the game T-Mobile is playing in 2010. Instead, the mobile operator is betting big on a fast, 3.5G wireless broadband rollout this year, hoping to raise ARPU.