The Pirate Bay now lets you download physical objects

Want to download a car? Now you can, kind of anyway: The Pirate Bay has started to offer users a way to exchange 3-D designs for physical objects that can be reproduced with 3-D printers. This kind of sharing only complicates the copyright debate.

Apple announces new iPad textbook experience with iBooks 2

On Thursday Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, took the stage to talk about education and announced Apple’s ambitious plan to reinvent the textbook. That plan includes iBooks 2, which Schiller called a “new textbook experience for the iPad.”

Uh-oh, PC: Half of computing device sales are mobile

Is the PC “dead”? Of course not, but if you don’t see the trend moving away from local / desktop computing and towards mobile / cloud computing, you’re missing the sales figures for each market: Nearly 50 percent of recent device sales are mobile.

DreamWorks Animation CTO: Bad 3-D movies can make you sick

A bad 2-D movie is something you can shrug off, but a bad 3-D movie can make you physically sick, said DreamWorks Animation CTO Ed Leonard at our GigaOM Roadmap conference in San Francisco on Thursday. Still, DreamWorks is very much committed to 3-D.

The Pirate Bay launches 3-D section

The Pirate Bay announced Wednesday morning that it is now in the business of offering 3-D movies, destroying the hopes of Hollywood that 3-D would be something of an automatic piracy deterrent. With prices for 3-D TVs declining, the phenomenon is poised to become more popular.

Pearl Media bringing 3-D media to branding. Is 3-D ready?

THQ is launching Saints Row: The Third at Comic-Con 2011 with a bang, including a giant booth with an adults-only booth show, a pimp dressed all in purple, and a multimedia showcase involving dual-screen 3-D animations introducing the game. Is 3-D ready to be everywhere?

Will MoviePass’ subscription plan connect with moviegoers?

MoviePass will soon begin offering a $50 all-you-can-eat monthly subscription video plan that will let users watch any movie they want at any participating movie theater. That might help some cinephiles save money. But will it get more-casual viewers into the seats?

LG continues the 3-D smartphone trend with Optimus 3D

LG is continuing its bet on 3-D technology, today announcing availability of its Optimus 3D handset first in Europe and later in 60 other areas around the world. The dual-core handset uses a stereoscopic display, so no 3-D glasses are needed for stills or videos.