Felicis Ventures raises a new $70 million seed fund

Felicis Ventures, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based venture fund started by early Google employee Aydin Senkut has raised a new $70 million fund. The investment group is well known for its investments in Angry Birds’ parent, Inkling and Shopify. This is their second institutional seed fund.

Makie gets $1.4m to drag toys into the future

Forget virtual worlds and children’s apps: London-based startup Makielab thinks the toys of the future will be 3D printed and totally customized — and it’s raised a significant round of seed investment to start preparing to play with the big kids.

MIT: We’re one step closer to self-replicating objects

We’ve seen 3-D printers that create previously designed objects, but what about smart grains of sand that self-replicate things? It’s not science fiction: MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is demonstrating intelligent, 1 cm cubes that can assume any shape through magnetism principles and algorithms.

The coffee shop is the future of . . . well, everything

The argument that work is increasingly untethered from the office and will take place more and more in coffee shop–type environments is pretty common, but one futurist is taking “coffeeshopification” a step further, claiming that universities and retail stores will resemble coffee shops as well.

Inkjets? Bah! Let’s build a future with 3-D printers

Are you ready to have your own replicator: a device that can create physical objects? It’s here in the form of a 3-D printer, but it’s not cheap and it’s semi-limited. Still, if you can design an object, you can have your printer build it!

7 stories to read this weekend

There is a lot of talk about data, 3D printing, innovation, design, user interaction and curation. So this week’s theme is a collection of writing that questions conventional wisdom about these aforementioned themes. Most of them are long — so better get a cup of tea now.

When 3D printing meets iPod nano

We love to dress up our wrists with cool watches, smart watches and of course, the best of them all, iPod nano watches. And that is why we are constantly writing about iPod nano straps. Here is another one from Ireland-based Curve Creative — Nanolet.

Meet Frstee, the snowman built from Twitter

Want to give Christmas a bit of a technological twist? Forget buying gadgets and doodads as gifts: why not dangle a 3D printed, data-crafted bauble from your tree instead?

Want to Build Something Cool? Just Hit Print

It sounds like something out of science fiction, but 3D printing is becoming a reality. Shapeways, which makes objects out of plastic, metal and even glass, just closed a round of financing and some companies plan to make limbs and even entire houses using the process.

The Future of Work: From Bits to Atoms

What if I told you that it was possible to use a magic machine at home that could make anything…and that maybe you could use it to conjure up “things” to sell as part of your job?