FBI and Apple investigate nude celebrity photo hack

The FBI is investigating last weekend’s leak of nude photos of several actresses and celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. The shots appeared on 4chan on Sunday, and it currently looks like the poster purloined them from the victims’ iCloud accounts. Apple also says it is actively investigating the incident. Although some of the shots are apparently fakes, Lawrence’s agent has confirmed that at least some of hers are real. A couple years ago, a Florida man was sentenced to 10 years for hacking nude photos of Scarlett Johansson and others.

4Chan has rules now, apparently

4Chan’s Christopher “moot” Poole has made some moderation changes to the message board — and reminded all of us that the Internet blender has rules.

4chan founder: Facebook and Google do identity wrong

4chan founder Chris Poole believes that users need a balance of anonymity and identity online, a strategy he hopes social networks will also adopt as a way to allow people to make mistakes online without having to worry about those transgression coming back to haunt them.

Canvas, a grown-up 4chan, opens to the public

Seven years after launching anarchic image board site 4chan, Christopher Poole unveiled Canvas in January, a re-imagined message board that takes the learnings of 4chan and applies them to a more mainstream community. Now, Canvas, which has been in private beta, is open to the public.

WikiLeaks Gets Its Own “Axis of Evil” Defense Network

As the U.S. government and a series of corporations such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal keep up the pressure on WikiLeaks, a rough alliance of hackers and supporters have taken it upon themselves to wage an ongoing cyber-war in defense of the document-leaking organization.