Missing PowerMeter & Hohm? Here are 12 other home energy tool options

Internet giants Google and Microsoft have officially given their web-based energy management tools the Donald Trump (as in You’re Fired!), and lannounced that they would be closing them down. But there are still over a dozen options trying to tackle this difficult market.

The startup behind Comcast’s home service: iControl

Cable operator Comcast has turned to a Silicon Valley startup for the software behind its home security and energy management product unveiled on Wednesday: iControl, a Palo Alto, Calif-based company backed by Comcast itself, as well as Kleiner Perkins, Intel Capital, Cisco and Charles River Ventures.

Z-Wave Makes Headway in Home Energy, via Verizon

Did the proprietary wireless technology Z-Wave just do a leap frog move into the smart energy home over a more standards-based approach like ZigBee? Verizon confirmed with me late last week that its inaugural smart home energy pilot will initially be based around Z-Wave.

Green Guide to CES 2011

Each year we’ve brought you the greener — and not so green — sides of the massive annual Consumer Electronics Show. In 2011 we’ll continue with the tradition. Here’s the green guide for what to see, do, complain about, watch for, and test out at CES 2011:

The Telco Energy Home Is Coming … For Real This Time

A year ago, I predicted that telcos and cable providers would start dabbling in energy management before the ball dropped into 2010. I was right. . . . though about a year too early. Now 2011 is the year this looks like its going to happen.

Verizon’s Smart Energy Home Trial Is Finally Here!

Verizon’s long-rumored push into the smart energy home is, finally, on its way. Well, a trial version is. The phone company said today that starting in January it will conduct a home monitoring and control pilot program in homes in New Jersey that will include energy management.

Z-Wave Making a Move for Home Energy Networking?

Could proprietary Z-Wave be gaining ground on standards-based ZigBee in the home energy networking space? Here are a couple of recent developments that indicate Z-Wave could have a role to play.

AT&T to Acquire Smart Home Startup Xanboo

The telco world is finally making some progress on the home automation and energy management front. On the heels of the news that Motorola will buy up smart home startup 4Home, CEPro is reporting that AT&T has acquired Xanboo, a home automation and energy player.

Motorola Buys Smart Home Startup 4Home

Motorola has touted its plans for the so-called smart home for years, and now it’s planning to acquire its way in with a startup that highlights energy management: 4Home. Will more telcos and service providers get into smart energy, too?