4K confusion

With the industry now preparing to make the leap from HD to 4K Ultra-HD a pair of announcements this week at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin suggested we could be in for more DRM drama.

Google gears up to go live

Google has lately made a series of moves clearly aimed at positioning itself to dominate live online video advertising just as it does with search advertising.

You can say that again: More on 4K and smart TVs

OTT content providers like Netflix and Google are also leveraging CE makers’ interest in having enough 4K content available to help sell UHD displays to establish new beachheads in the living room.

YouTube’s 4K MacGuffin

YouTube’s embrace of 4K at this year’s CES is akin to what Alfred Hitchcock called the MacGuffin: a plot device that creates suspense or tension but is incidental to the real story.

Pining for days of DVD

The studios were hoist on the petard of their own pining for the heady early days of DVD — a format shift that drove a massive change in consumer behavior from mostly renting movies to mostly buying them, producing a huge revenue and margin windfall for the studios.

Intel’s over-the-top compression

Depending on when Intel actually rolls out its planned new set-top box, it could be among the first service providers — OTT or otherwise — to deploy the new H.265 codec, which could give it some competitive advantages over other fixed-line OTT providers.