SmartQ Helps You Visualize Your Workflow

Just as I was lamenting not being able to find a tool that helps me visualize the development and work process, a new tool launches, almost as if somebody read my mind. SmartQ is a web-based “visual project board” from the makers of 5pm.

5 WorkflowPerfect Alternatives

It appears that WorkflowPerfect, a useful web app for distributed teams that combined task tracking with workflow management features, has disappeared. The site is not currently accessible and according to a comment left by Ton Walter the site has been down for three weeks now.

What Does It Take to Run a Virtual Team? (Redux)

Last August, I blogged about how my business partner and I were working through some processes to improve the way my virtual company works. We’ve continued to improve our processes, so I thought I would write an update to let you know how things have changed.

Protect Your Company’s Collaborative Spaces

padlockConsider the following scenario: An employee leaves your company or a virtual team member moves on, and the circumstances have been less than ideal. What do you do to make sure that you keep your company’s (and your clients’) confidential information safe, when someone who is no longer on your team might still have the passwords to the apps you use?
When it comes to collaborative tools such as project management apps, you can usually apply different levels of access to each team member. Still, have you figured out what to do when someone from the team departs? Read More about Protect Your Company’s Collaborative Spaces

5pm Might be a Good Time for Project Management

5pm logoThere are many online project management offerings on the web including Projjex (previously covered), Basecamp, and Zoho Project.

A relatively new entrant to the market is 5pm, a product is built by a very small team. Even without venture funding, the 5pm team has built a visually attractive project management utility, but how does it stack up to the competition?

Read More about 5pm Might be a Good Time for Project Management