Berlin finally starts championing its tech hub

After longstanding grumbling from the German capital’s tech community over its lack of recognition, the Berlin senate has launched a campaign to push the city as a startup center of note.

6Wunderkinder: Berlin needs less hype, more focus

Productivity startup 6Wunderkinder made a big noise on the Berlin scene when it launched, but it’s been quiet for a few months. Now CEO Christian Reber explains why other German startups should follow suit and focus on their product — and why he’s worried about Windows 8.

Revealed: Why 6wunderkinder’s backers really sold up

Why did one early investor in apparently thriving Berlin startup 6wunderkinder sell up? We’ve solved the mystery: it looks like the German public-private HTGF venture capital firm hit the limits of what it was allowed to do and decided to cash out.

How smart is it for doo to launch on Windows 8 first?

Doo’s free service collects and catalogues all sorts of digital and physical documents, but the small-business crowd that could be a key customer base will have to already be using Windows 8 to take advantage. Does that make sense?

Will ‘crazy’ tax leave Berlin unable to compete?

Berlin’s attempt to become one of the world’s premier cities for startup culture is taking a serious blow, with a new airport months behind schedule and a ‘crazy’ compulsory pension contributions scheme that has nascent companies warning that it could prove too much.