iPod touch as a phone sounds great, unless you need 911

Thinking of dumping your phone for an iPod touch with the FreedomPop WiMAX sleeve? Sounds like a good plan unless you happen to encounter something unplanned: An emergency. The device doesn’t support 911 calling and the company hasn’t yet figured out an alternative solution.

Help! Avanquest builds a panic button for your phone

You’re in danger or about to have a heart attack. Don’t panic! Okay, go ahead and panic, but do it productively. Call 911, send your location coordinates to your loved ones, get your medical records in order. Or better yet, hit this big red button.

How 9/11 helped to change the media landscape

Thinking about September 11 makes me realize how much the media landscape — particularly on the web — was transformed by those events, and how very different the world is now when it comes to how we experience real-time news thanks to social media like Twitter.

A decade later, the Internet Archive chronicles 9/11

As the world prepares to commemorate a decade since the attacks of September 11, 2001, hit New York and Washington, the Internet Archive has released a fascinating — and horrifying — library of footage showing how news channels around the world covered the events.

Remembering 9/11 — A Time Before Social Networks

New York HarborToday marks the eighth anniversary of 9/11, the bloodiest attack on U.S. soil in the nation’s history. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you’ll likely think back to where you were when you first learned about the planes hitting the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. How you learned about it, however, was likely very different than it would be if such an attack were to take place today. Read More about Remembering 9/11 — A Time Before Social Networks

LG Phone Recalled Due to Poor 911 Connection

LG 830 is RecalledEarlier today, the LG Spyder 830 cell phone was recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which said it presented a hazard to the public because it doesn’t hold a connection and has poor voice quality during 911 emergency calls. The recall stems from a report of a trapped motorist who tried reaching 911 from a disabled car but whose call was dropped because the network couldn’t establish a signal. That person, thankfully, turned out to be uninjured. The commission has ordered the removal of some 30,000 LG Spyder 830 phones that were sold in nine different states.

Phone recalls are not common, but connection problems are more than a blue-moon nuisance, as Om recently noted when he quit his iPhone due to At&T’s (s t) service. This recall is a reminder that we need better communications standards and oversight on safety features from both phone manufacturers and telecoms. Read More about LG Phone Recalled Due to Poor 911 Connection