Amanda Palmer brouhaha exposes the dark side of crowdsourcing

Amanda Palmer, an alt rock fan favorite who’s worked Kickstarter and social media masterfully in her career, may have mis-stepped when she posted a plea for free musicians to back up her band in its current tour. Or else it was a publicity stunt.

99designs sheds light on its cloudy crowdsourcing platform

99designs’ use of Amazon services to run its crowd-sourcing site is seen as a model for how small companies can leverage cloud services. The company’s site claims to handle hundreds of thousands of unique visitors and tens of millions of pageviews monthly.

The 99% on 99Designs: crowdsources logo search

Snazzy logos aren’t just for corporations anymore., the soon-to-be-launched website for the international Occupy protest movement, has turned to crowdsourced design website 99Designs to find a logo. The “Occupy 99Designs” design contest has garnered nearly 400 entries in its first few hours online.

Maintain a culture of collaboration during rapid expansion

Crowdsourcing startup 99designs recently received $35 million in venture capital and is currently advertising six positions in its Melbourne and San Francisco offices. The business has a strong culture and a flat structure. How does the company plan to manage expansion without compromising collaboration or culture?

How 99Designs Bootstrapped Its Way to Profits

99Designs acquired a devoted customer base, logged millions in annual revenue, and achieved profitable operations without taking on a dime of venture capital. I sat down with employee number one and CTO Lachlan Donald to find out how the company bootstrapped its way to profitability.

AppSumo Offers Discounted Bundle for “Lean Startups”

We’ve written before about software bundles, which have become increasingly popular. Similarly, AppSumo has put together a bundle of SaaS products that will appeal to “lean startups,” timed to coincide with the SxSW Interactive event that has just started in Austin, TX.