Chinese auto giant Wanxiang wins Fisker bid

Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang has won a bid for electric car maker Fisker for $149 million, and a judge has approved it. Will they restart production of the Karma and make the Atlantic soon?

SolidEnergy’s materials could lead to safer, cheaper electric car batteries

A startup that’s recently been spun off from MIT — SolidEnergy — is making materials for lithium ion batteries for electric cars that could make them cheaper, less flammable in the event of an accident, and capable of holding more energy, according to MIT Tech Review. The company, which has developed a lithium-metal electrode (instead of graphite) and combined that with a safer electrolyte, plans to sell its materials to battery makers. It has raised a round of venture funding and is working with battery maker A123 Systems.

Fisker founder Henrik Fisker resigns over disagreements

The co-founder of electric car startup Fisker has resigned, after having stepped down as CEO a year ago. The company has stopped production of its cars as it searches for a partner, investor or acquirer in China.

Obama calls for action on climate change, clean energy in inauguration speech

In a surprising move, President Obama called out the need to fight climate change and transition to cleaner energy sources in his inauguration speech on Monday morning. While Obama’s first term provided many resources for clean energy, the administration’s support became controversial and politicized.

Electric car startup Coda laying off 50

Yet another electric car startup is having trouble. Coda Automotive is laying off 50 employees — or 15 percent of staff — after a delayed launch, slow sales, and a car recall. The bad news follows Better Place layoffs, and A123 System’s bankruptcy.