Chipmakers said to be bidding on Apple iTV contracts

Hot on the heels of a report about Apple’s iTV plans on Tuesday, there are fresh stories about its potential components and supplier partners out on Wednesday morning. DigiTimes cites new supply-chain sources saying that Apple is entertaining chipmaker bids for the iTV’s processor contracts.

Apple reportedly taps Samsung for A6 chip despite patent issues

Apple will be keeping its processor manufacturing business with Samsung for its next-generation chip, according to a new report from the Korea Times on Monday. That’s despite an extensive legal dispute between the two companies that grows more tangled by the day.

Report: iPad 3-powering A6 won’t be ready until next year

Those hoping for iPad lightning to strike twice this year might be disappointed by a new report out Friday. The A6 processor, cited as the central component for a new, more powerful iPad won’t hit the public until next year, sources say.