Apple’s surprisingly bad day: What’s spooking its investors?

There are a variety of factors that have caused the stock to dip and rise since September, but Wednesday was particularly odd because there wasn’t any obvious thing that should be spooking Wall Street. Here are some financial analysts’ best guesses as to what’s afoot.

Why design is the key to the connected world

Intelligent and simple design is the key solution to creating meaningful experiences out of the connected world. Come hear from our speakers on this topic at RoadMap, including the CEOs of Instagram and Tumblr, designers Yves Behar and Tony Fadell, and former Twitter CEO Evan Williams.

Facebook to build a 3rd, small data center in Oregon

Like Apple is doing in North Carolina, Facebook is adding on a smaller data center at its facility in Prineville, Oregon. The new building won’t add jobs to the region, but represents Facebook’s rapid infrastructure build out.

Apple building another smaller data center in North Carolina

Apple is building another smaller data center, next to its massive iCloud data center, in Maiden, North Carolina, according to local reports. The new planned 21,030 square-foot data center will store clusters of servers; for comparison the current data center onsite is 500,000 square feet.