Fighting FUD: cloud players try to make sense of European data laws

Optimists hope that the EU’s expected cloud computing recommendations will resolve concerns around diverse data protection laws that slow cloud adoption. Realists hope for the best, but prepare for less. The reality is Europe remains a collection of countries, not a unified whole.

Abiquo gets Chef integration, customizable portal

The next release of Abiquo’s enterprise cloud management software will integrate with the Chef configuration management tool and sport a customizable user interface. Before moving workloads to the cloud, businesses want the sort of management tools they’re using now in their own data centers.

More Money for Private Cloud — Abiquo Scores $10M

Cloud startup Abiquo has closed a $10 million Series B funding round. Abiquo sells internal-cloud management software, making it one of many vendors fighting to establish a foothold in what many experts think will be a very lucrative market over the next few years.