Siri could become a political minefield for Apple

Apple addressed criticism on Wednesday night that Siri, the virtual assistant built in to every iPhone 4S, couldn’t retrieve information about abortion clinics when asked. Apple’s response is basically that Siri is a beta product, but that won’t be enough to sidestep the service’s political ramifications.

Bump+ Provides an Apolitical Look at Abortion

[show=bumpseries size=large]Despite all the niche topics web video has explored since its inception, I thought we’d have a little longer before the arrival of a scripted show revolving around abortion. But, with a release timed around the 37th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade court decision that made abortion legal in the United States, here comes Bump+, a mostly-dramatic fauxumentary chronicling three women currently in the first trimester of their unplanned pregnancies, who by the end of the series will have decided whether or not to abort.

The first production by Yellow Line Studio, Bump+ sports solid production values for its budget of a few thousand dollars — especially a very authentic doctor’s office set that was constructed on a soundstage — and an intriguing cast who help to make the show relatively compelling. It’s the (fictional) stories of these women who really drive the show — according to Yellow Line Director of Creative Development Chris Riley, the creators don’t intend to take a political view on the issue, instead focusing on the characters as they struggle to decide whether or not they’ll stay pregnant.

The show’s biggest flaw is the overly-meta inclusion of the reality series framework, which leads to plot points in the first episode like Hailey Kirsch (Lyndsey Doolen) hoping that being involved with the show will make them famous, which only clouds the perception of whether or not the series is fictional. Tone also, at times, fluctuates a bit too dramatically — Denise Jensen (Isabelle Giroux), described as a “free-spirited mother of two,” is possibly the strongest comedic creation, but the show veers wildly in the opposite direction with the introduction of Katie Donahue (Tina Schlapprizzi), a military wife who faces a very real predicament and seeks serious console as she looks toward her upcoming decision. Read More about Bump+ Provides an Apolitical Look at Abortion