Is it a good thing that Elsevier bought Mendeley?

The rumored takeover is now reality, at a reported price of $69 million. But, given Elsevier’s reputation and Mendeley’s open access ethos, will this deal turn out to be a harmonious success?

Mendeley injects some pace into academia with fast, big data

London startup Mendeley is already beloved by researchers around the planet for helping them manage their work. Now it’s unveiled a new product that it hopes can help universities get a better handle on what’s happening right now. Goodbye slow, stuffy academia.

So when does academic publishing get disrupted?

While every other aspect of traditional publishing has been disrupted by digital forces, there is one large market that remains undisturbed — academic journals. Why has this business been able to resist the tide of change that is sweeping through the rest of the industry?

How-To: Manage Citations in Word 2011

One of the advantages Word 2011 (s aapl) has over Pages ’09 (s aapl) is its stellar built-in citation management; Pages’ integration is reliant on third party tools. Word 2011 has its bibliographic tools baked right in. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using them.

University Tempts Students With Free iPads

If you’re considering a school for next year, you might want to put Seton Hill on the shortlist, as the university in Greensburg, Pennsylvania is the first academic institution to announce free iPads for every full time student beginning in Fall, 2010.

Textbooks Now On iPhone, iPod Touch


It appears that rumors of the death of the e-book on the iPhone platform were greatly exaggerated, at least that’s what Apple (s aapl) has said in a recent statement. Backing up Apple’s official denial of plans to discontinue that side of app store business is a Wall Street Journal report (subscription required) that details a new recently released app which brings textbooks to the iPhone.

The new venture bringing the textbooks to the platform is a joint effort by 12 major educational publishers, including McGraw-Hill and Pearson, both of which are responsible for a huge chunk of the higher education textbook market in North America. 7,000 titles are available from the combined publishers. The partnership is being operated under the moniker of CourseSmart LLC, and works based on a rental model. Read More about Textbooks Now On iPhone, iPod Touch

Academic Appeal: Comparing Pages and Word 2008


This time of year, it seems almost inevitable. There’s a forum post somewhere, a plea for help in the middle of the night, asking a time-honored question. No, it’s not “the answer to Life, the Universe, Everything!” It’s more profound than that: “I’m starting school this fall and I want to know what to get, iWork or Office. I’m going to be writing light papers.”

So, I’m going to compare the two programs when writing a research paper to MLA standards. While there are a plethora of other options — I can see the “use LaTeX” comments in my head now — I’m focusing on Word and Pages. Word and Pages both support EndNote X2 and Math Type 6, but since I’ve never used Math Type, I’m not going to be able to comment on it. Read More about Academic Appeal: Comparing Pages and Word 2008