Why Accenture’s CTO made the move to NoSQL startup CEO

In late June, Accenture CTO Don Rippert left the company after nearly 30 years to serve as CEO of NoSQL database startup Basho. Why would someone leave a top role at a Fortune 500 company for a 40-person startup in a niche market?

FinTech startups wield data and smarts

The FinTech Innovation Lab, an accelerator program for financial tech startups, graduated its first class on Friday. This first batch of companies is bringing some impressive ideas to bear on data, analytics and payments and showing there’s room for new approaches in the financial sector.

Cloud computing could lead to billions in energy savings

A report, created by research firm Verdantix and sponsored by AT&T, estimates that cloud computing could enable companies to save $12.3 billion off their energy bills. That translates into carbon emission savings of 85.7 million metric tons per year by 2020.

Data is the new platform, and social is the intelligence

The days of viewing everything in the cloud through an application lens is nearing its end. Instead, we are evolving into a world where quantity, processing speeds and distribution of data compel IT professional to see data as a platform in its own right.