Can Constant Change Yield Collaboration? Accenture Says Yes.

Enabling a mobile rank-and-file team can bring additional productivity, but true collaboration in a distributed enterprise starts at the top and filters through back office services too. Accenture implemented a multi-wave approach that included not simple reductions in cost, but enabling staff to be collaborative.

5 Ways To Make Sure Smart Grid Pilots Succeed

What makes a smart grid pilot a success — even when it’s a failure? General Electric and Accenture spent an hour Wednesday with some energy industry big shots at the World Economic Forum in Atlanta and explained it all to us.

Vid-Biz: TiVo, Susan Boyle, UReport

TiVo to Launch Local Commercial Ratings; will provide second-by-second data for programs and ads, service will roll out in as many as 10 markets, depending on client demand. (MediaWeek)
Susan Boyle: Approaching 100 Million Views in Total; Visible Measures reports that there are 650 video placements of the British singing sensation online including the original performance, interviews, fan responses and more. (emailed release)
MySpace and FOX News Launch UReport; new section on the social network will give users the chance to share citizen journalism. (MySpace)
Metacafe Redesign Goes Pro; following YouTube, the video site create hubs around movie trailers, music videos and sports highlights. (paidContent)
Accenture Study: Consumers Willing to Pay for Programming; global survey found that 49 percent of respondents were willing to pony up for digital-service programming, and an unlimited subscription model was preferable to pay per episode. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Open Box Introduces SesameVault 2.0; platform allows businesses to publish video across web and mobile browsers. (release)
Don Henley in a Tiff Over Republican Candidate’s YouTube Vids; the Eagle filed a lawsuit over Senate candidate Charles DeVore’s use of “The Boys of Summer” and “All She Wants to Do Is Dance” in campaign videos. (CNET)

Vid-Biz: Sling, DVRs, Hulu

EchoStar to Introduce First-Ever Cable Product Next Week; SlingModem plugs into coaxial cable, acts as a modem with the place-shifting capabilities of a SlingBox. (Multichannel News)

Older DVR Users Skip Ads; 52 percent of men ages 55-64 skip ads all the time, compared with just 21 percent of men ages 12-17. (Advertising Age)

New Hulu Metrics; site has served 15 million uniques over the past month — up from 5 million during its first public month, and 100,000 Hulu vids have been posted to 12,000 different sites. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Accenture Buys Origin Digital; consultancy firm will add Origin’s experience with online video to grow its clients’ online, mobile and IPTV businesses. (paidContent)

LG and Samsung Partner for Mobile DTV; instead of competing, the two Korean electronics giants will submit a jointly developed mobile DTV technology to the U.S. standards body, the Advanced Television Systems Committee. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Two Pay-for-Content Plays; online rabble-rouser Loren Feldman to experiment by charging 99 cents for some of his videos; CrushedPlanet to forgo ads for subscriptions and merchandising. (Feldman: CNET; CrushedPlanet: The Hollywood Reporter)

PBS Picks thePlatform; content management company to publish video for,,, and (Web Video Report)

Seesmic Hooks up with Disqus; partnership will allow the more than 13,000 blogs run by Disqus to offer video comments. (emailed release)

Vid-Biz: Accenture, CBS, Family Guy

Media Execs Expect Big Revenue Growth for Short-Form Video; 38 percent of respondents to Accenture’s latest media survey say short videos will generate biggest growth. (release)

Quincy Smith on YouTube Users; during a keynote, CBS Interactive president notes that clips often do better when posted by someone other than the network and that there is a “…need to be more comfortable with users as editors.” (Online Video Watch)

Family Guy Guy Gets a Huge Deal; Seth MacFarlane inks pact with FOX worth $100 million, deal encompasses new media projects related to his TV properties. (release)

ABC to Add More Video Content; network upping short-form content like celeb interview series Starcrossed as well as Dance Studio to accommodate advertiser demand. (TVWeek)

FOX Says OldTeeVee Still Rules; as upfronts approach, network commissions study that says TV is the best format for advertising. (MediaWeek)

Legally Blonde Moves Online; to host cast info, audition reels, and full episodes of the reality show searching for the next Elle Woods. (Multichannel News)

Do Not Panic, This is Only a Test; Vegas TV station shuts down feed — while on air — to demonstrate what will happen to analog TV during digital switch next year. (Video Business)