Pinterest vs. Facebook: Whose users spend more?

Apparently Pinterest users drop cash, then run. Jewelry and accessories website compared 50,000 shoppers referred from Pinterest to 50,000 shoppers referred from Facebook and says the Pinterest users spend way more money — $180 vs. $85 — but less time browsing the site.

Kickstarter for iOS: Seven great product ideas

You may have already heard of The Elevation Dock for the iPhone or the LunaTik Watchband for the iPod nano or even the Pebble E-Paper Watch, but here are seven equally great product concepts for iOS products that you may also be interested in supporting.

Wallee adds more versatility to its iPad mount solution

The Wallee is an iPad accessory that’s almost as old as the iPad. The new headrest mount that works with existing Wallee cases is a good example of smart accessory design that can grow with the iPad, rather than be left behind by Apple’s regular redesigns.

Kickstarter finds: iPod shuffle headgear and hiding Bluetooth speakers

I remember when finding projects on Kickstarter related to Apple products were relatively hard to find — especially good ones. Those days are over, and we’ve got another crop of interesting, cleverly designed and above all potentially useful Kickstarter projects to prove it.

Kids: The next big thing for iOS apps and accessories

Apps just might be the next action figures, and iPad accessories the new Tickle-Me-Elmo. Judging by interest from kids and content partners, Apple won’t just be the device-maker of the future; it’ll be a toy-maker on par with the likes of Hasbro and Mattel, too.