Revamped — Better Interface, New Features

Over the weekend, Adobe (s adbe) launched a revamped version of, its web office and collaboration suite. This is the first major upgrade to the service since it left beta last summer (as covered by Thursday) and provides some much-needed productivity enhancements to this service.

An early concern of mine when Adobe made the leap to web services with was that it was trying to be everything to everybody, but this latest version of quells that doubt. Acrobat took the step of “crowd sourcing” its requirements gathering process for this new release, and incorporated over 35 ideas from users into the latest version. Read More about Revamped — Better Interface, New Features

Corporate Telecommuting: The H1N1 Virus Edition

1180561_28843136News of a possible H1N1 virus, or “Swine Flu,” pandemic is causing many commercial firms and government agencies to examine their Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans so business can soldier on during the crisis. The threat of an H1N1 outbreak is even prompting the United States Centers for Disease Control to recommend that small businesses have telework and business continuity plans in place.

This could place even organizations with well developed telecommuting programs in a challenging position, because a major virus outbreak may mean that their remote worker needs exceed their current capacity.

On the flip side, there are organizations that are far from telecommuting-friendly, which face even more challenges because they aren’t set up for remote working. In order to keep their business running in such a crisis they are going to need to buy or build an infrastructure to meet a new model of working.

At WebWorkerDaily, we get a chance to review some of the best office productivity, social media, online collaboration, project management, and Web 2.0 tools that in a worst case scenario — like a pandemic outbreak — can help an organization maintain some semblance of operations and communications, even though its employees and contractors are working from home during the crisis.

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How to Use Adobe Acrobat for Online Document Reviews

AdobeAcro_logoOnline document reviews have become a part of life for web workers creating technical documentation because they because are more economical and faster than having to fax, scan, or ship review documents around by FedEx. PDFs offer a bandwidth-friendly format for sending large documents back and forth amongst a geographically dispersed project team.
Adobe Acrobat (s adbe) includes a number of electronic review tools. In this post, I’m going to show how you can use them to make online editorial comments.  While this post was based on Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, many of these review tools can also be found in Adobe Acrobat going back a couple of versions. Note that these tools are only available in the full version of Adobe Acrobat, not Acrobat Reader.
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Welcome to Presentations -- LabsEditor’s note: With this post we welcome Thursday Bram to the WebWorkerDaily team. Thursday is a full-time writer who has written on topics ranging from small business to kitchen appliances — and yes, that includes the kitchen sink. She’s based in Laurel, Maryland and focuses most of her writing online.

Adobe (s adbe) is adding to options for working in the cloud with About a year ago, went online, competing with Google Docs (s goog) and Zoho with word processing, collaboration options and tools to work with PDFs. Since then, Adobe had also added Presentations to the mix.

The news at is twofold. First of all, Adobe has added a new spreadsheet tool, bringing its suite of online tools in line with those offered by Google (s goog) and making it far more useful to a web worker who wants to handle all of the basic office file types in the cloud. Second, Adobe has announced that is leaving beta, which, in turn, has led to the announcement that business subscriptions for these tools are going live. Read More about Revs Up for Business Use

With, Adobe Fights Google, Others in Collaboration

adobeAdobe Systems (s abde) is taking out of beta on Monday and introducing two paid subscription offerings targeted toward businesses, which will put pressure on competing file storage and sharing products made by Google (s goog), Microsoft (s msft) and Cisco (s csco). The San Jose, Calif.-based company believes tapping into the sphere of online collaboration tools is a $2 billion opportunity.

Adobe launched, a suite of web-based tools that allow users to collaborate and share documents with others, in June 2008. Among the products in’s suite are Buzzword, an online word processor; ConnectNow, a web meeting program that enables screensharing, chat and video among users; and Share, a file-sharing program that lets users access files through a URL instead of an email attachment. Read More about With, Adobe Fights Google, Others in Collaboration

10 Clipboard Managers for OS X


The clipboard in a modern operating system is one of the most useful and practical tools available. Being able to select some text or images, copy them to the clipboard, and then paste them in other places is indispensable (look at the uproar over the fact that the iPhone OS 1.0 & 2.0 did not support a clipboard to see how valuable it is). You most likely use it without giving it another thought.

The standard clipboard behavior is that when you copy a new item, it replaces the existing item. You can’t go back to the previous item as there is no history of items copied. This is what a Clipboard Manager does, providing a memory and browsing history so you can paste something, and then find it later, even after using the clipboard multiple times.

There are quite a few Clipboard Managers available for OS X, some free, some not. Here’s a quick overview of what is on offer and what they can and can’t do. Read More about 10 Clipboard Managers for OS X

The Fine Bros. and Iklipz Get Holiday Spirit

NTV StationI’ll admit it; I’m not the biggest fan of bodily fluid-related humor. And Benny and Rafi Fine — aka the Fine Brothers — tend to hold nothing back when it comes to the gross, the inappropriate, and the completely NSFW. But you know what?

I can’t help it. I think they’re funny. And judging by their spanking new multisketch deal, so do the folks at Iklipz.

Sure, those with delicate sensibilities might want to start with the Fine Brothers’ hi-larious Lost parody series, and their breathless, single-take 100 Movie Spoilers in Five Minutes (the springboard for a recent NTVS Station Conversation). And those seeing a middle ground between the safe and the envelope-pushing might enjoy The Burger King, which involves a special bird-flipping rendition of the Safety Dance. But for true, no-holds-barred, Fine Brothers style, you can’t go wrong with their first sketch for Iklipz, the holiday treasure What is Eggnog? Read More about The Fine Bros. and Iklipz Get Holiday Spirit