Adobe Unveils Acrobat X Family With New Collaboration Features

Adobe today announced Acrobat X, the latest iteration of its family of PDF creation and reading tools. PDF authoring tool Acrobat gets several new features designed to improve business collaboration and productivity, while Reader introduces support for a wider range of content types and collaboration tools.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 Adds Web Worker-friendly Features

Adobe (s adbe) recently launched Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5, the latest version of its web conferencing service, and I’ve been spending some time using it recently. We get a chance to review our fair share of web conferencing tools here at WebWorkerDaily, and the big differentiator for Acrobat Connect Pro in a crowded market is that it doesn’t require conference participants to download a client, because the platform is Flash-based. I can’t tell you how many web conferences I’ve been in that have been delayed because there was a glitch in the client download process for one or more of the attendees.

In my view, we all need a web conferencing platform with a light footprint that enables us to hop in and out of web conferences with ease, without having to fire up a complex client to initiate the session. Acrobat Connect Pro could certainly find a home in browser tab where it could be waiting, ready for you to jump into a new web conference. Read More about Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 Adds Web Worker-friendly Features

Manage Document Reviews at a Distance

1162222_38679791Conducting a thorough editorial, technical and content review of business and technical documents is challenging for many organizations, but a geographically dispersed workforce can make it even more difficult.
Here are some tips to help better manage document reviews at a distance:
Establish review guidelines. Truth be told, many organizations don’t know how to review and approve a document. As such, it is important to set out how you want your reviewers to check over each document. Your review guidelines should: Read More about Manage Document Reviews at a Distance

How to Use Adobe Acrobat for Online Document Reviews

AdobeAcro_logoOnline document reviews have become a part of life for web workers creating technical documentation because they because are more economical and faster than having to fax, scan, or ship review documents around by FedEx. PDFs offer a bandwidth-friendly format for sending large documents back and forth amongst a geographically dispersed project team.
Adobe Acrobat (s adbe) includes a number of electronic review tools. In this post, I’m going to show how you can use them to make online editorial comments.  While this post was based on Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, many of these review tools can also be found in Adobe Acrobat going back a couple of versions. Note that these tools are only available in the full version of Adobe Acrobat, not Acrobat Reader.
Read More about How to Use Adobe Acrobat for Online Document Reviews Revs Up for Business Use

Welcome to Presentations -- LabsEditor’s note: With this post we welcome Thursday Bram to the WebWorkerDaily team. Thursday is a full-time writer who has written on topics ranging from small business to kitchen appliances — and yes, that includes the kitchen sink. She’s based in Laurel, Maryland and focuses most of her writing online.

Adobe (s adbe) is adding to options for working in the cloud with About a year ago, went online, competing with Google Docs (s goog) and Zoho with word processing, collaboration options and tools to work with PDFs. Since then, Adobe had also added Presentations to the mix.

The news at is twofold. First of all, Adobe has added a new spreadsheet tool, bringing its suite of online tools in line with those offered by Google (s goog) and making it far more useful to a web worker who wants to handle all of the basic office file types in the cloud. Second, Adobe has announced that is leaving beta, which, in turn, has led to the announcement that business subscriptions for these tools are going live. Read More about Revs Up for Business Use

Critical Security Vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat and Reader

Nearly everyone working on the web uses PDF files from time to time. If you use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to view those PDF files, be warned that Adobe yesterday issued a security bulletin about a critical vulnerability affecting its software.

A buffer overflow exploit has been discovered that could render your computer vulnerable to attack; a malicious party could potentially use the exploit to take control of your machine. All versions of Acrobat and Reader from 7 onwards on all platforms are vulnerable to attack.  Patches to these products will not be available until March 11th. Until Adobe issue an update, it may be advisable to switch to an alternative PDF reader (Foxit works well for Windows), and, as always, it would be a good idea to make sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date and exercise extreme caution when opening files from untrusted sources.

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The Fine Bros. and Iklipz Get Holiday Spirit

NTV StationI’ll admit it; I’m not the biggest fan of bodily fluid-related humor. And Benny and Rafi Fine — aka the Fine Brothers — tend to hold nothing back when it comes to the gross, the inappropriate, and the completely NSFW. But you know what?

I can’t help it. I think they’re funny. And judging by their spanking new multisketch deal, so do the folks at Iklipz.

Sure, those with delicate sensibilities might want to start with the Fine Brothers’ hi-larious Lost parody series, and their breathless, single-take 100 Movie Spoilers in Five Minutes (the springboard for a recent NTVS Station Conversation). And those seeing a middle ground between the safe and the envelope-pushing might enjoy The Burger King, which involves a special bird-flipping rendition of the Safety Dance. But for true, no-holds-barred, Fine Brothers style, you can’t go wrong with their first sketch for Iklipz, the holiday treasure What is Eggnog? Read More about The Fine Bros. and Iklipz Get Holiday Spirit

Adobe Announces October Release of Creative Suite 4 Suites & Components

Adobe introduced their Creative Suite 4 (CS4) product family to the world today, almost sixteen months since the announcement of Creative Suite 3. With six editions to choose from, ranging in price from $999 to $2,499 (upgrades from $399 to $899), and thirteen standalone applications costing $199 to $999, it’s important that you have an understanding of your needs when reviewing the new features that make up each package. Adobe plans on releasing CS4 sometime in October.

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YouSendIt Pursues Integration Strategy

YouSendIt - Send large files - transfer delivery - FTP Replacement - Mozilla Firefox (Build 2008070206)When we looked at the landscape of file-sharing, one of our main concerns was that none of the available file-sharing services provided a compelling advantage over email. With creating email attachments being so simple, why would anyone go to a new service to move files around? Well, one of the entrants in this crowded field, YouSendIt, has been quietly pursuing a strategy that may yet bring them to email parity: increasingly, they’re integrated into your desktop, instead of being just another web service.

When you create a YouSendIt account (1GB of monthly download and 100MB file size comes for free; $10 per month will get you substantially higher limits), you get access to a variety of YouSendIt applications. These applications allow you to work directly from your desktop or from other software. For example, YouSendIt Express sits on your desktop (OS X or Windows, while the YouSendIt Outlook application is implemented as a Microsoft Outlook add-in.

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