How to protect free speech online

As general counsel for Avvo, Josh King has responded to hundreds of lawsuit threats — all for activity that is soundly protected by the First Amendment. Here, King outlines three areas where he believes companies can take a stand to protect free speech on the Internet.

Why it’s wrong to call copyright infringement “theft”

We’ve gotten used to the content industries arguing that what happens when people download or make copies is “theft.” But using that term muddies the waters when it comes to what copyright is supposed to be about, and lends support to irrational laws and court decisions.

Why UK antipiracy laws won’t spark SOPA-like protests

After the Court of Appeal in London told Britain’s two biggest Internet providers they must abide the controversial antipiracy rules brought in by the Digital Economy Act, some experts suggest it could spark a SOPA-style protest. Is it likely?

EU Parliament: Let’s Hunt Some File Sharers

European parliamentarians ratified a report today that is widely seen as an attempt to bring so-called three strikes measures against P2P file sharing back into the spotlight. Three strikes is seen as controversial in Europe, but the report insists that current laws don’t go far enough.

The ACTA Copyright Treaty and Why You Should Care

After years of secrecy, the eighth round of talks aimed at drafting an international treaty known as ACTA recently concluded and a version of the text was subsequently released to the public. But while some might believe it’s time to actively support ACTA, it’s not.

Vid-Biz: Viacom, ACTA, Google TV

Yahoo secures Premier League highlights; U.K. users will be able to watch highlights of the English Premier League on Yahoo from the start of the 2010/11 season. (Broadband TV News)

Sony Said to Announce TVs With Intel Chips, Google Tools in May; Google TV sets will be based on Android, use Intel Dragonpoint chips. (Bloomberg)

Craig Crawford: ‘Convinced’ Web Video Content is ‘the Future’; former MSNBC political analyst says he’s a big believer in the power and potential of online video content. (Mediabistro)

Free puts channels on Apple iPad; French IPTV network Free has made available 20 TV channels to subscribers that have access to an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. (Broadband TV News)

Vidiactive Reveal Social Television Platform; U.K.-based start-up pitches Vidiportal online platform and Vidibox software to CE makers and IPTV vendors. (emailed release)

Viacom’s Profit Rises, Helped by Cable-TV Business; Viacom reported a profit of $245 million in Q1 due to TV ad sales growth, but box office revenue was down 18 percent. (Wall Street Journal)

Entanet UK Demands ISPs Get Equal Representation in Copyright Treaty; ISP wants to have a seat at the table for ACTA treaty talks. (ISP Review)