Charlie Sheen’s Korner Already Raking In the Dough

Charlie Sheen is making “six figures” with his sponsored tweets, and his appearances on Ustream attract hundreds of thousands of views, despite the lack of any regular schedule. However, the future of his Ustream show is unclear: Sheen said yesterday that the show is for sale.

How Well Do You Know Your Twitter Followers?

The prevailing Twitter wisdom is that we should avoid tweeting about ourselves too much, and post information in which others are interested. But about those “others,” those people who watch your tweets crank past, ticker-like, each day: How do you know what’s of interest to them?

Watch NBA Games Live On Your iPhone

Liz at NewTeeVee has the scoop and a preview of the future of live sports (or at least basketball) on your iPhone.


The NBA is launching a new iPhone app that will let you watch live NBA games wherever you are (class, work, bathroom…you get the idea). To access the 40+ live games that will be made available each week, you’ll need to shell out $39.99 for the season to get an NBA League Pass Mobile subscription.

The app has some snazzy features like DVR, on-demand access, and push alerts. To get the complete low-down, including a slew of screenshots, read the full post over at NewTeeVee.

Coffee Break- Keeping it Manly

I decided to make an unexpected stop at the local Panera Bread for some quality java and a comfy workspace. I had the brand-spanking new Fossil bag, along with the Viliv S5, keyboard and mouse nestled snugly inside.  Life is good (so’s the coffee).

Isn't that bag manly?

Isn't that bag manly?

When I was packing up to leave Panera the guy who was sitting at the table behind me to the left came over. He said he’d watched me unpack when I arrived and thought my setup was as goofy as could be given the little tiny computer and the folding keyboard. He wanted to tell me that he no longer thought that after watching me work for an hour. He could see everything I did and realized quickly that I was doing a lot of work while he watched. He said this setup was the most impressive thing he’d seen for a long time.