The fall of SAY Media is a sign the barbell effect is increasing

SAY Media, created when video-content company VideoEgg acquired blog-software provider Six Apart in 2010, says it is selling off its media properties — the latest example of a company getting squeezed by the bifurcation of the online advertising market

Facebook’s new Atlas is a real threat to Google display dominance

Facebook is overstating the importance of its cookie-free ad server, but Google’s DoubleClick empire is facing its first serious threat in years. Advertisers and agencies should launch trials immediately, if for nothing else than Google pricing leverage.

Social media and analytics counter online ad crisis

Content and media sites are struggling to accommodate the polarizing forces of programmatic ad-buying and native advertising. While there’s no single solution to thriving in digital advertising, social media analytics can help.

Running the online advertising numbers

Google and Facebook are gaining share, mobile advertising is growing but still search-dominated, and slow progress in digital brand advertising means that television isn’t going away anytime soon.

Amazon’s online advertising potential

Amazon was its usual close-to-the vest self, even as it promoted its ad platform to an audience of advertisers and agencies. Amazon has the reach, the data, and the ad inventory to be a disruptive force in digital advertising and marketing.