Hang on, maybe Facebook did drive Black Friday sales after all

A study of Black Friday cyber-shopping said that social media advertising was a big bust with few people buying things in response to an ad from Facebook. The story is very different if you use other metrics to define “responded.”

Should publishers invest in audience data? Depends on the publisher

Web publishers can buy tools that let them identify and segment their readers, and then combine that information with other customer data to offer fine-grained audience options to advertisers. As the ad market gets more demanding, the tools may become essential for some – but not all.

Under Mayer, Yahoo stands by ad tech and Right Media

Over the past few months, as the future of Yahoo itself has been unclear, some have speculated that the company might sell its ad exchange Right Media. In a mini media blitz on Thursday, the company said it is sticking with Right Media.

Adchemy nabs $61M in Microsoft-led funding round

Adchemy, the six-year-old online ad technology company, has raised $61 million in a Series E funding round led by Microsoft. This round brings the total venture capital invested in Adchemy to $116 million, Adchemy CEO Murthy Nukala told me in an interview on Tuesday.