What hardware companies should know about Kickstarter

Some hardware companies are turning to Kickstarter, but it may not be the answer. Adapteva and Xi3, for example, are falling short of their funding goals about halfway through- — but one says it’s still happy with the results.

Spurned by VCs, a chip startup turns to Kickstarter

It’s hard for chip startups to raise funding, but the demands of mobile and cloud computing are providing a window of opportunity for all kinds of innovative silicon-based designs. Thus, when Adapteva couldn’t find a VC backer, its CEO turned instead to Kickstarter.

SuVolta gets $17.6M to make power-sipping chips

Bright Capital, KPCB, August Capital and NEA have contributed to a $17.6 million funding round in SuVolta, a process technology company. SuVolta doesn’t design chips; it has come up with a novel way to manufacture transistors in a way that makes them use less power.

How long until clouds adopt extreme computing chips?

Both mobile and high performance computing are placing huge power efficiency and performance demands on chips, but the real $64,000 question is how long until such extreme computing use cases hit the server mainstream. Asked another way, how long till Amazon adopts ARM-based servers?

Adapteva Pitches A Supercomputer For Your Phone

The brains inside your smartphone are getting more power with the latest version of application processors having two processing cores to help speed up the delivery of web site load times and mobile gameplay. That’s awesome, but startup Adapteva, wants to take that number higher.