Tapping the search data gold mine

Most CMOs view paid search as a basic transactional relationship with no real strategic value beyond the revenue from the click. Forward-looking CMOs are adopting big data technology to tap search for data on consumer intent, behaviors, and preferences.

Adchemy nabs $61M in Microsoft-led funding round

Adchemy, the six-year-old online ad technology company, has raised $61 million in a Series E funding round led by Microsoft. This round brings the total venture capital invested in Adchemy to $116 million, Adchemy CEO Murthy Nukala told me in an interview on Tuesday.

Adchemy Makes Advertising Personalized in Real Time

Adchemy has figured out a way to tweak web ads to make them dramatically more effective. The company performs a crazy real-time technical dance to optimize the ads and landing pages shown to searchers. We visited its new office this week to learn more.