This or that? AdMob founder’s startup Maybe can tell you

Getting feedback on decisions isn’t always easy as it sounds, especially when it involves visual options or more in depth questions. That’s a problem that former AdMob founder and CEO Omar Hamoui is trying to target with his new startup Maybe.

Ex-AdMobbers nab $6.5M to build cross-platform cookies

A team ex-AdMob and Google scientists are launching Drawbridge, which allows advertisers to target consumers across desktop and mobile. The company is coming out of stealth mode with $6.5 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital

Report: AdMob ads dominate in Android apps

Xyologic, a mobile app search firm, has come up with what it says is the first break down of mobile advertising on Android apps, showing that Google’s AdMob is well ahead of rival ad providers. It found 89 percent of the top Android apps use AdMob.

Google pushes advertisers to optimize sites for mobile

Google has been prodding mobile website owners to optimize their sites for mobile. Now, it’s taking a more aggressive step by announcing that it will consider whether an advertiser has a mobile optimized site when assessing ads quality for all AdWords campaigns.

Google vs. Apple: The acquisition showdown

Apple and Google have both picked up multiple smaller companies in recent years, and even some larger ones like Motorola(s mmi), and both can afford to grab more. It can be hard to keep straight who bought what when, but this graphic should set things straight.

AdMob Releases Windows Phone 7 SDK, Expands HTML5 Support

AdMob is releasing a software development kit for Windows Phone 7 developers and is updating its platform to full HTML5 for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. The changes mean developers will be able to include rich media AdMob advertising units easily across all three platforms.