Plaxo in the enterprise

Steve Hall points out that Plaxo is drawing the ire of IT/Sysadmins who believe that the company is the culprit behind some Exchange message corruption and instability occuring on their end. It may or may not be true, but seems like this is the kind of negative reputation which can put a company out of business. “This whole issue makes me think twice about several similarly situated opportunities I’ve recently been reviewing,” Hall writes.

Fixed Wireless: Like Viagra for DSL

I argued about Fixed Wireless as backhaul business yesterday and also had pointed to BellSouth buying fixed wireless spectrum from MCI for about $65 million. Today Glenn provides proof.

bq. BellSouth is starting a new trial of broadband wireless in Palatka, Florida: The company is still leveraging its expensive wire base, but it’s conducted ongoing tests of broadband fixed wireless as a way to reach customers beyond the range of DSL. via 802.11b Networking News