What newspapers and other media could learn from Reddit

Reddit has grown to become one of the most high-profile online communities, one that has even played a journalistic role in some recent cases. Among the things that newspapers and other media entities could learn from Reddit are the benefits of a strong and engaged community.

Why we should defend the changes at the Times-Picayune

There has been a lot of criticism of Advance Publications for shutting down printing of newspapers like the New Orleans Times-Picayune, but Digital First Media CEO John Paton says the chain should be defended for trying whatever it takes to save its business from certain disaster.

The hard truth: Newspaper monopolies are gone forever

Newspapers haven’t really had a monopoly on the news or the advertising market for some time, but they continue to behave as though they do. If they are to survive the transition to a digital future, they will have to learn how to compete for both.

New Orleans, Alabama and the future of digital journalism

That newspaper owners like Advance Publications need to make a transition from print to digital is not in doubt, but so far all we have seen from the company is massive layoffs and anemic websites. Is this what the future looks like?

What media companies could learn from a student newspaper

While some mainstream newspaper companies are being dragged toward a digital future whether they like it or not, the Daily Emerald at the University of Oregon has decided to remake itself for a digital and mobile world before it is forced to do so.

Why Clay Shirky is right and Warren Buffett is wrong

Is Warren Buffett’s recent acquisition of the Media General chain a brilliant gamble, or an indication of his faith in the long-term prospects of newspapers? Clay Shirky argues it is neither — he says Buffett misunderstands some fundamental things about the business he has bought.

Print dies a little more as Postmedia announces cuts

Just days after U.S.-based media chain Advance Publications announced printing cutbacks and layoffs at its New Orleans and Alabama papers, a national newspaper chain in Canada said it is cutting back, laying off more staff and looking to erect paywalls at several of its papers.

New Orleans, newspapers and the beginning of the end

As painful as the decision to stop printing daily may be for the New Orleans Times-Picayune and its staff, it grappling with a reality that almost every newspaper will have to face sooner or later, whether they want to or not.