Fisker’s landlord says pay rent or get out

Fisker’s landlord has filed a suit that says the electric car company has to pay its April rent or evacuate its headquarters. The company seems to be getting ever closer to bankruptcy.

Report: Advanced Equities to close up shop

Advanced Equities, a controversial investment group in Chicago, is closing up its broker-dealer operations, reports Fortune. The firm had raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cleantech startups in recent years, but recently settled charges with the SEC, hurting its reputation and costing it $1 million.

Fisker keeps on raising funds

Electric car maker Fisker Automotive has managed to raise $100 million of its planned $150 million round, bringing the company’s funds to a eye brow raising $1.2 billion. Advanced Equities led the fund raise.

Fisker switches up its CEO, again

Electric car maker Fisker Automotive is bringing on a new CEO, Tony Posawatz, who will replace former CEO Tom LaSorda. LaSorda came on to replace founder Henrik Fisker as CEO about 6 months ago. Posawatz was previously at GM where he worked on the Volt.

Report: CEO of Advanced Equities likely to resign soon

Advanced Equities, an investment and brokerage firm that has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for cleantech firms in recent years, could see its CEO and co-founder resign as early as this week, according to a report in DowJones VentureWire.