What can startups do if the euro topples?

With Europe’s currency on the brink of collapse, is there anything startups and investors can do to avoid risking their businesses? We asked some of the continent’s top venture capitalists what they are doing to try and sidestep the crisis.

T-Mobile Backs Femtocell Startup

T-Mobile International, which is currently using Wi-Fi for its convergence offering in the U.S., has disclosed an investment in Ubiquisys, a maker of femtocells. T-Mobile also said it was trialling the startup’s femtocells in Europe. Femtocells, which plug into an existing broadband connection to provide a signal in places where mobile network coverage is poor, are getting their day in the sun. Google, Accel Partners and Advent Ventures are also investors in Ubiquisys, which has raised $37 million.