Want to talk to Mark Cuban? Call him up on Clarity

Dan Martell, who recently sold his social marketing start-up Flowtown in October to Demandforce, is launching his next venture called Clarity that lets people get experts and advisors on the phone. The service is launching with a stable of start-up gurus.

When Is “Free” Too Much of a Good Thing?

I’ve been thinking about the idea of “free,” and not in the context of freemium business models and tangible products or services being given away, as explored by Chris Anderson in his book “Free: The Future of a Radical Price.” I’ve been thinking about how many of us spend a lot of our time giving “stuff” away for free. By “stuff,” however, I mean the intangible: our ideas and advice.

With the advent of blogging in business, many of us feel compelled to showcase our knowledge and expertise in our blog posts; this often means giving free advice. My favorite blog posts to write are the ones that contain some concrete, how-to information that readers can take away and act on immediately to fix or improve something. Read More about When Is “Free” Too Much of a Good Thing?

My New Year’s Productivity Resolutions: A Work-in-progress

It’s a little early yet to be thinking about the new year (there’s still at least 75 percent of the holiday party season ahead of us, after all), but one of my New Year’s resolutions last year was to try and be more prepared, so here we are. I’m getting a jump on my resolution list this year, with an eye towards boosting my day-to-day output.

Some of these are things that I know and have known I should be doing already, but haven’t seem to be able to implement. Others are tips passed on to me by coworkers and other professionals. No matter the source, there’s no shortage of productivity tips to be had, so I’m trying to pare down and refine the list to a manageable few, since I’ll have a better chance of actually following through come the new year. Read More about My New Year’s Productivity Resolutions: A Work-in-progress

The 10 Ways Startup Advice Is Flawed

Startup advice abounds these days. But while much of it is extremely valuable, some of it is inappropriate, agenda-driven or simply untrue. Following is a list of 10 ways startup advice is flawed — and how to identify when it’s not.

Web Work 201: Getting Over the Hump

humpSo you’re well into your web working career (hopefully thanks, in part, to the posts featured in our just-released free “Web Work 101” e-book), and you’ve gotten off to a great start, but after a certain amount of time (it will differ from person to person), things start to lose their zest. The honeymoon is over, so to speak, and it’s time to dig in and build a solid foundation upon which a long lasting career can be built. Read More about Web Work 201: Getting Over the Hump

DreamWorks’ Katzenberg: 3D Changes Everything

Jeffrey Katzenberg is prepared for 3D to utterly change the experience of watching television and movies — and a lot sooner than you may think.
monsters-vs-aliens-posterThe DreamWorks’ (s dwa) chief told attendees at Fortune’s Brainstorm conference in Pasadena, Calif., today that companies like LG and Panasonic (s PC) are ready to ship “millions of monitors” that show 3D video. Such TVs should show up in living rooms early next year. After that will come 3D screens that don’t require glasses.
“It’s like the move from black and white to color,” he said. “It will move to every device we have. Hollywood will be dramatically changed by this.”
Read More about DreamWorks’ Katzenberg: 3D Changes Everything