Condé Nast starts clipping recipes with ZipList buy

The aim of ZipList has always been to work with the big food media brands, and now it’s getting its wish. Condé Nast has acquired ZipList for an undisclosed amount, linking the startup with some of the biggest food titles both on and off the Web.

Did the AP just declare war on news aggregators?

A lawsuit filed by the Associated Press against news aggregator Meltwater, accusing it of copyright infringement and “free riding” on its content, is just another sign that the newswire is trying to fight the democratization of distribution that the web provides instead of trying to adapt to it.

NewsRight: A carrot, or a stick to beat aggregators with?

The Associated Press and a consortium of major media owners such as the New York Times have launched a “news registry” called NewsRight. The entity says it is about tracking and licensing content, but where will it draw the line on “over-aggregation” and fair use principles?

Socialite Leaves Beta, Brings Twitter Lists to Mac Desktop

If you’re looking for a solution that keeps track of various social networks at once, all in one centralized location, EventBox for the Mac was a nice beta program that did the trick. EventBox is no more, but the program still exists. It’s changed names and become Socialite (much more appropriate if you ask me), and come out of beta, too.

I downloaded the demo of the 1.0 release and ran it through its paces. The demo lets you have all the functionality of the full version, but you’re limited to running three different services or accounts. Which, honestly, isn’t much of a limitation for many users, myself included. Read More about Socialite Leaves Beta, Brings Twitter Lists to Mac Desktop

Stay Informed: Topic-based Reader Roundup

I remember when Dave Winer introduced Really Simple Syndication (RSS) in Radio Userland way back in 2001. At the time, the biggest problem was finding sites that had available RSS feeds. Today, it’s rare to find a site without feeds.
Despite feeds becoming a regular part of web sites, people continue to struggle with how to use them, and don’t want to have to schlep from site to site to find feeds that might interest them. Enter topic-based readers. With these services, you don’t need to seek out sites that cover the topics of interest to you. Instead, search for those topics and the service delivers what it thinks best fits your needs.
I’ve yet to find two sites offering topic-based aggregation doing things the same way. So your best bet is to try out the different services and see which suits you. The features you will most likely want to look at are topic selection, usability and “scannability.” You’ll discover that some sites are easier to use than others, while some do a better job of selecting and saving topics. The following four sites deliver content by topic to simplify your task of receiving content that interests you (Twine is another topic-specific aggregator that we’ve covered previously.) Read More about Stay Informed: Topic-based Reader Roundup

Rumor Has It: Apple Developing Social Networking App With iTunes Integration

iTunes Icon

No, it won’t be MacSpace or anything like that, but Apple (s aapl) is reportedly working on some kind of software application that will consolidate all your existing social network accounts into one place. It’s an even more interesting rumor now that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed, the service which previously seemed on top in terms of social network aggregation.

The news comes via a report from The Boy Genius Report today detailing further iTunes 9 rumors. A few days ago, iTunes 9 rumors began swirling on the strength of a source talking to BGR about upcoming features for the next major revision of Apple’s media management software. Now, there’s talk that part of that update will be a multi-network client that allows you to share your musical tastes with your contacts. Read More about Rumor Has It: Apple Developing Social Networking App With iTunes Integration

BzzScapes: Brand Tracking Made Social

scapesLogoIf you want to keep up with a specific brand, for whatever reason (they’re a competitor in your space, your job is related to their activity, or you just really like what that company’s doing), to date there’s been no easy way to keep track of all of the sources that might mention it online. Even services like Alltop, which helps to monitor sites for particular topics and pare down the background noise to a dull roar, leave a lot to be desired.

BzzScapes is a new venture from marketing company BzzAgent that groups user-submitted content according to brand, so that you can stay up to date on the company or product of your choice via a variety of different types of web sites and media, with each brand having its own BzzScape. Compared to Alltop, there are two main differences. First, anyone can add any content they want (which means it may or may not actually relate to the brand in question), and second, anyone can vote and comment on things added, which should, in theory, mean that the best sources rise to the top organically. Read More about BzzScapes: Brand Tracking Made Social

Average Betty, Snoop Dogg on Martha: NTV Station Today

Yesterday we gave you tips on turkey; today, we’re all about side dishes. First — nothing says Thanksgiving like Snoop Dogg helping Martha Stewart mash potatoes. By which I mean: Let us give thanks.

And how can you truly judge a recipe unless you try it on your own? And, by the same logic, how can you truly judge a cooking video unless you try it on your own? I put the cooking web series Average Betty to the test in my own kitchen, and documented the process of making her dinner rolls on camera. Check out the video and Betty’s original recipe at NewTeeVee Station.