15-inch MacBook Air reportedly on track for Q1 2012

Apple is expected to launch new MacBook Air models sometime in the first quarter of 2012, according to sources within the company’s supply chain. The new Air will add a 15-inch model to the mix in addition to 11- and 13-inch models, according to the report.

Why a 15-inch MacBook Air is only a matter of time

Not one but two reports say Apple is now working on an ultrathin 15-inch Mac notebook, with one claiming that a 17-incher is also on the way. Apple has long been preparing for this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if those preparations bear fruit this year.

Adobe Targets Non-Apple Devices for AIR 2.5 Apps

Adobe announced today a new version of Adobe AIR 2.5 that will include expanded capabilities on Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS; Windows, Mac and Linux as well as support for TVs. Adobe is also launching a new store for AIR apps called InMarket.

Apple Event Predictions: The Next Macs

Apple’s having a press event next week on Wednesday, Oct. 20, and a new version of OS X will definitely be unveiled. But that’s probably not all we’ll see revealed by Cupertino. You can expect new Macs, too, just in time for the holidays.

New MacBooks and MacBook Pros Just Around the Corner?

If you’ve been sitting there twiddling your thumbs while Apple announced the iPad, then just recently began talking about iPhone OS 4.0, then news of what’s going on with the Mac line (yes, Apple still makes computers) will probably come as a welcome surprise.

Today in Cleantech

Lots of coverage in energy storage and batteries today. I spotted two great pieces on combating wind power’s intermittency problem, one is Wired’s profile on some DoE-backed compressed-air storage projects and the other is Earth2Tech’s piece on Xtreme’s “chemical capacitor” technology that will be used to capture electrons from Hawaii’s fickle breezes. The New York Times looks into lithium-rich Latin America and the opportunities therein, but the most exciting news comes from MIT’s Technology Review arXiv blog, which details a new lithium battery quick-charging method from researchers at Mississippi State University. Although it’s way too early and there’s much work to be done, it’s hard not to get excited about the prospect of charging your future EV in the time it takes to gas up your car today.

Adobe Releases AIR 2 Beta, Promises to Be Less Memory-hungry

Adobe has released new betas of AIR 2 and Flash 10.1, James over at jkOnTheRun reports. Both products now support multitouch, but most interesting for me in this news is that AIR 2 promises to be less memory-hungry than the previous version. I’ve shied away from many useful desktop apps that rely on AIR (TweetDeck, for example) because they hog so much memory — hopefully this new release will have much more reasonable usage of my computer’s resources.
Do you avoid AIR apps because they are so resource-hungry?

Apple Releases Performance Update, Fixes Hard Drive Stalls


Apple has released what it calls “Performance Update 1.0,” an update to its Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard) operating systems for selected iMacs and MacBooks.

As Apple describes it — in typically brief fashion — in its Support pages, “This update addresses intermittent hard drive related pauses reported by a small number of customers.”

Gotta love those detailed descriptions!

The update may be related to an EFI Firmware Update in June that some MacBook owners suspect was the cause of intermittent crashes and system freezes. This latest update may well put these problems to rest once and for all, except there’s something interesting about the name…that 1.0 suffix hints at the possibility of further revisions to come. A “Performance Update, Update” perhaps? Read More about Apple Releases Performance Update, Fixes Hard Drive Stalls

New Apple Ads: PC, Easy As 1 Through 23

This morning I noticed a new set of takeover ads on CNN.com. Creating custom Get a Mac ads just for the web has become more common over the past few months, with CNN.com and NYTimes.com getting the most play.

It’s always interesting to see how Apple makes use of the layouts of these sites to really make their ads pop. In the case of this particular run of ads on CNN.com, Apple actually created two “dummy” ads for mortgages and flights. Clicking through either of these takes you to Apple’s Why Mac page.

Here are screenshots, as well as a video of the ads in action. Read More about New Apple Ads: PC, Easy As 1 Through 23