Lion 101: How to use AirDrop (and alternatives in case you can’t)

It’s easier to explain what AirDrop is by first explaining what it isn’t. It’s not Dropbox, with which it is often compared. It is not a replacement for file sharing services across the Internet. It’s more like a close range transporter (Star Trek-style) for files.

6 ways to make Snow Leopard roar like Lion

If you can’t wait to try out some of Lion’s new features, but don’t have access to the developer preview, I’ve got good news: You can get many of Lion’s new features in Snow Leopard using these third-party apps, tweaks and downloads.

Share documents easily with AirDrop

The upcoming OS X Lion will include a new way of sharing documents with friends and family who are on the same Wi-Fi network in a similar manner as other P2P wireless protocols such as Wi-Fi Direct or Qualcomm’s FlashLinq. The service is called AirDrop.