Hipmunk knows you’re addicted to the web

Hipmunk, the hot flight-finding service, has added in-flight Wi-Fi as a new metric for travelers. Sure, this is an indication of how deep the web has sunk its talons into us, but working on flights has become pretty much the standard in many offices.

Surprise! Wi-Fi Alliance Says Travelers Want Wi-Fi on Planes

[qi:___wifi] The Wi-Fi Alliance, the groups that certifies Wi-Fi devices and markets the wireless technology, has conducted a survey, released today, that found that 76 percent of people would choose an airline based on whether or not it offers in-flight WiFi-based broadband. However, only 31 percent of those surveyed have actually used Wi-Fi on planes, and once they try it out, their expectations of the service’s utility could get crushed like an open laptop crammed between your knees and the reclining passenger in front of you.
Still, of the 480 travelers surveyed by the Wakefield Research on behalf of the Wi-Fi Alliance, 55 percent were willing to move their flight times by one day in order to catch a plane with web access. Seventy-one percent would rather have Wi-Fi than a meal. For those who have not used Wi-Fi in-flight, 87 percent expected they would use it to tackle email, and 63 percent said they would to sign into other online productivity tools for work. Read More about Surprise! Wi-Fi Alliance Says Travelers Want Wi-Fi on Planes