AOL Acquires Video Syndication Startup 5min

AOL has acquired video syndication specialist 5min Media to boost the amount of video it serves on its sites, while boosting distribution of its own video assets. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, although estimates place the value of the deal at around $50-$65 million.

TechUniversity: Conditional Formatting with Numbers

Conditional formatting in Numbers lets you format the contents of a cell based on certain rules. So say you want to show all negative numbers as red and bold…conditional formatting lets us do that! We’ll cover how to apply conditional formatting to numbers, text and dates.

Google TV or Apple TV?

Apple, met with limited success of the Apple TV, has called its device “a hobby” but Google, with its Google TV, is forging ahead with what it believes could revolutionize the industry. So how do they compare?

Akamai to Make iPhone Video Streaming Smooth

iphones1Akamai (s akam) today said it would provide adaptive bit-rate streaming to deliver video content from web sites to the Apple (s aapl) iPhone 3G and devices running the iPhone OS 3.0 operating system. Basically, using adaptive bit-rate streaming means folks can watch streaming video on their iPhones or iPod Touches with fewer stops and starts. Adaptive streaming adjusts the video content to a lower or higher bit rate, depending on how robust the web connection is. Akamai offers a similar service for Microsoft’s (s msft) Silverlight for video on PCs. Adobe (s adbe) Flash and Move Networks also offer adaptive bit-rate streaming, although Adobe uses a proprietary method that requires special servers.

Apple and Akamai are bringing the service to the mobile world, which will be great for dealing with the many variances in mobile data connections, and will provide for smoother video delivery over dodgy networks. Videos can run in the Safari browser, so they don’t even require a special app that AT&T (s T), the carrier that provides service for the iPhone in the U.S., might try to block. For more details on this, check out the awesome story Liz did about HTTP video on the iPhone or her in-depth look at adaptive bit-rate streaming over at our subscription site, GigaOM Pro. For pretty video streaming, check out Apple and Akamai’s  show-and-tell site.

Forget the Mile-High Club — Who’s in the 50,000 Servers Club?

Server room and devicesRich Miller over at Data Center Knowledge just blew my mind with his list of the number of servers various companies run. Spurred by the news that Rackspace (s RAX) has 50,000 of them, he pored over public filings and at least one analyst report to come up with both actual and guesstimated figures, including 48,000 (that’s straight from the company) for Akamai (s AKAM) and more than 450,000 (that’s a guess) for Google (s GOOG). The numbers are mind-blowing from a management and an energy consumption perspective. They bring home the fact that scalable computing is not just about thousands of servers, but tens of thousands of servers. Read More about Forget the Mile-High Club — Who’s in the 50,000 Servers Club?

AT&T Creates Private CDN for Corporate Video

logoStarting today, enterprise customers can get all the bandwidth for high-definition video they need from AT&T (s T), which has launched a private content delivery service for video inside company firewalls. The explosion of video inside corporate networks is straining resources, according to the carrier. But unlike the tiered service that AT&T is experimenting with for its last-mile consumer networks, it’s offering enterprise customers a service that helps them track, compress and prioritize video traffic within the network.
AT&T explains pretty clearly why this is necessary in its release:

“On the average business day, about one-third of the more than 17 petabytes of traffic traversing AT&T’s global backbone network is video content. A mere three years ago, video content traversing the AT&T network produced barely a blip,” said Roman Pacewicz, senior vice president of strategy and application services, AT&T Business Solutions.

AT&T, rather than become a dumb pipe that acts solely as a conduit for the video deluge, is hoping to monetize that video traffic. Read More about AT&T Creates Private CDN for Corporate Video

Voxel Adds Cloud Computing With SilverLining

voxelVoxel, the managed hosting provider, has built its own cloud computing product called SilverLining that will compete with Amazon’s (s AMZN) Elastic Compute Cloud and Rackspace’s (s RAX) CloudServers products. Thanks to its managed hosting business, Voxel plans to offer the same hybrid strategy that both Rackspace and ServePath offer, which combines dedicated servers with cloud computing for spikes in traffic or one-off projects. Read More about Voxel Adds Cloud Computing With SilverLining

Layoff Count Rises: Akamai, Qik, Strands

The economy is affecting players all over the web video ecosystem, and companies both large and small. Here’s the latest carnage. Content delivery giant Akamai (s AKAM) laid off 110 employees today, or 7 percent of its staff. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company described the layoffs as “cost-cutting measures.”
Also, TechCrunch reports that recommendation startup Strands laid off 14 people, or 10 percent of its company, and mobile live video startup Qik also laid off 10 percent, or five people.
Update: Qik co-founder Bhaskar Roy tells us via email, “Well, given the current environment we had to take a hard look at how we create better efficiencies in our organization and to remain focused on long-term growth. As a part of this, we had to take the difficult step of eliminating a limited number of positions. Having said that – we will continue to increase our investments in areas such as R&D, product development that enable us to achieve long term growth.