Typesafe brings SpringSource co-founder Rod Johnson aboard

Johnson’s presence on Typesafe’s board brings even more credibility to Typesafe’s push to make Scala a top-tier language for scalable enterprise applications. The company will be at JavaOne promoting that vision.

Typesafe gets $14M to push Scala language as a better Java than Java

With its new funding from Shasta Ventures and Juniper Networks, Typesafe will keep pushing Scala and its related middleware stack as a mainstream development platform for enterprise applications. To date, Scala has been used mostly in web-scale apps like Twitter and Foursquare.

Juniper Networks signs on with Scala

Typesafe continues to push the Scala programming language and associated Akka middleware as top-tier software development tools for the webscale age, and now claims Juniper Networks as a convert. The networking hardware giant will use Scala and Akka in upcoming — and undisclosed — products.