A smart home, brought to you by Lowe’s

Telcos, cable companies, startups and Internet giants are all looking to make your home smarter — so why not a big box retailer? On Thursday Lowe’s announced that its smart home service Iris, developed in conjunction with U.K. startup AlertMe, is now available for sale.

The latest to target the smart energy home: Time Warner Cable

The 2012 CES show hasn’t even officially kicked off and already the smart energy home has emerged as a key target for a variety of sectors, including telcos, big box retailers, startups, chip companies and now cable operators like Time Warner Cable.

OPower Ponders an Energy Device

OPower, the startup that gets homeowners to cut energy use with out in-home dashboards and gateways, is looking at home energy automation devices. What are the pros and cons of high-tech automation versus smart behavioral science?