Sneak peek: A first look at GetGlue HD (video)

GetGlue is getting ready to launch an updated second screen experience dubbed GetGlue HD that adds media from numerous sources as well as a programming guide to the app. GetGlue founder and CEO Alex Iskold stopped by our office to tell us all about it.

GetGlue’s next iPad app aims to reinvent the TV guide

GetGlue announced a new $12 million round of funding Wednesday, and the company has big plans for the money: It plans to launch a new version of its iPad app in Q1 of this year that will be a personalized take on the TV Guide.

Was YouTube Live a Success? That Depends

youtube-live After much talk about experimenting with live streaming video, YouTube dipped its toe in the water on the weekend, with a much-hyped event (at least in blogosphere terms) called YouTube Live, featuring some of the “cewebrities” that have emerged on YouTube over the past year or two — including Tay “Chocolate Rain” Zonday, LisaNova and Chad Vader, as well as a few big-name entertainment-industry stars like Katy Perry and The show had the feel of an awards show, although it was one featuring stars most people probably wouldn’t recognize. So was it a success for YouTube? That depends a lot on your perspective. Read More about Was YouTube Live a Success? That Depends

My 10 “Un-Tips” for Starting-Up Right

I recently read Alex Iskold’s great piece 36 Startup Tips and began thinking that had I read this a year ago, maybe my own startup experience would have been smoother. (I’m a co-founder of It is a daunting task to incubate and eventually launch a company. Most of us founders start down this road because of a passion for our subject matter, in addition to any skill set we might (or might not) possess. But the vast majority of us won’t have the resources we need when we need them, no matter how successful we have been in the past. (And if you think you’re different, or doing everything right, be very wary.)

So, I put together this list of 10 “Un-Tips” because although plenty of people are willing to talk about what they did right, very few are willing to talk about what they did wrong. Read More about My 10 “Un-Tips” for Starting-Up Right