More cash flows toward parking startups: ParkWhiz raises $2M

Last week SpotHero announced a $2.5 million round. This week competitor and fellow Chicago parking outfit ParkWhiz announced its Series A. ParkWhiz started out selling parking spaces online for special events like the Super Bowl, but it’s expanded into day-to-day spot reservations.

Creative portfolio showcase Behance gets $6.5M from USV, Jeff Bezos

After bootstrapping itself for more than five years, New York City-based Behance, an online destination for creative galleries and portfolios, has finally turned to outside funding, securing a $6.5 million investment from Union Square Ventures and a host of investors including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Book time with a startup founder this weekend through Exec

Exec launched a few weeks ago with an ultra-easy-to-use system for booking exec assistants to do various odd jobs around San Francisco. Now it’s extending that service to include booking time with a few startup founders.

New York protest takes PIPA/SOPA fight to senators

Members of New York’s tech community, a couple thousand strong, braved the winter chill and gathered outside the offices of New York senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand to protest the PIPA and SOPA legislation Wednesday, calling it a potentially crippling set of bills.

Tech gets its day in Congress as SOPA fight continues

Representative Darrell Issa has called a Jan. 18 hearing that will bring more voices from the technology industry to Washington D.C,. to discuss how legislation such as the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) would affect the Internet.